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Does Renown Save in Diablo 4 Season 1? – Answered

Homework before the next season.

Renown is one of the most important systems in Diablo 4 outside of the main Skill Tree, and maximizing your total is a great way to increase your overall power. However, Season 1 will change how much Renown you keep as you face the Malignant, and I’ll cover exactly what transfers after July 20 in Season 1 of Diablo 4.

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Do You Keep Renown in Season 1 of Diablo 4?

You only keep Renown earned from exploring the map or activating the Altars of Lilith when you create a Season 1 character in Diablo 4. When you unlock every area in a zone, along with every single Altar, you will end up with nearly 300 Renown. While that isn’t enough to earn yourself later rewards like the Paragon Points, there are some serious bonuses.

Players who discover every single area and activate all the Altars of Lilith in Sanctuary will end up with hefty rewards as Season 1 begins. Any fresh Seasonal characters will start with five additional Skill Points and all five of the potion slot upgrades. That means characters at level one will have a skill boost and a total of nine potions.

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After that initial boost to Renown, you will still have to complete the other tiers, even if they were already done on your Eternal character. So activities like Strongholds and Side Quests will not count toward your Seasonal character progress when a fresh one is started.

As for characters on the Eternal Realm, there is no reset to your Renown in Diablo 4. The change to the Renown you have overall is exclusively reserved for Seasonal characters, and for them, they won’t need to gain over 2,000 again.

While you prepare for Season 1 in Diablo 4, check out all the Battle Pass rewards that have been revealed so far.

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