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Does Redfall Have Controller Support on PC? – Answered

Bite back at your foes with a gamepad in hand.

by Shawn Robinson
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Arkane Studios is gearing up for its next major release with Redfall, an open-world co-op title seeing four heroes battle against hordes of vampires using various powers and weapons. Before you can go hopping in and slaughtering all kinds of blood-sucking foes, you’ll need to know if your preferred input method will work. Here’s whether Redfall has controller support on PC.

Is There Controller Support for Redfall on PC?

It should be obvious provided you know that the game is coming to Xbox Series X|S at launch, but yes, Redfall does have full controller support on PC. This means that no matter the controller you use, the game should work mostly without a hitch. If you need further proof, the Steam page for Redfall lists “Full controller support” as one of its features beside single/co-op play and Steam Achievements. The developer has to set this manually, meaning it’s a guaranteed feature.

For those of us who use a mouse and keyboard to play video games, using a gamepad of some form can seem a little awkward. This is especially true of first-person shooters given that aiming with your thumb can seem extremely awkward. When it comes to gamers who grew up using controllers to play games, having access to this is a godsend since it lets them play games like Redfall more comfortably. When paired with remappable keybinds, it also increases accessibility for those who can’t use standard input methods. More people playing games is always a good thing.

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While we aren’t aware of any quirks you should consider yet when using a controller, we’ll be sure to update this post once we have any tips we can throw your way. Speaking of tips, you may be wondering if other major titles releasing this year have controller support. To that end, be sure to check out our guide on whether Diablo 4 has controller support on PC.

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