Does Persona 5 Tactica Feature Social Links? – Explained

We should have seen it coming.

Getting to know your team and forming exciting social links that can benefit you in battle and elsewhere is an important part of the roleplaying experience in the Persona series. Are you able to continue forming these bonds in this tactical spinoff?

Are There Social Links in Persona 5 Tactica?

It’s important to note that while the entire Phantom Thieves squad is here in a slightly more squishable form, their social links are not. In addition to free roaming through the city, it seems some sacrifices needed to be made to ensure that the Phantom Thieves are safe in their new surroundings.

While most of what makes a Persona game a Persona game is here, things like Social Links unfortunately did not make the cut. With the story being told here and the lack of outside NPC interaction beyond the main story, there isn’t a proper way that they could have been implemented. The main goal here is satisfying tactical gameplay, so many of the traditional Role Playing elements have been gutted from this particular entry.

Much like Persona 5 Strikers and even Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight, it may just be assumed that you maxed out your social links during the main events of Persona 5, so these features would feel slightly unnecessary in these particular titles, but they’ll be missed none the less. Just know that you’re already the most popular guy around, and it may not hurt as bad to realize this feature is gone.

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