Does Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Beta Progress Carry Over? – Answered

It's still worth hitting level 30

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As you shoot, grenade, and otherwise turn your fellow gamers into a fine white dust, you’ll gain plenty of levels towards your guns and your general level. But does that progress carry over to the official launch? Do the levels you earn in the MW3 beta carry over to the official launch? Here’s your question answered.

Do You Keep Your Progress in the Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Beta? – Answered

If you’ve been playing MW3’s beta, you may be wondering how much of the progress you get to keep once the game officially launches on November 8.

The answer is, sadly, none of it. Your level, your gun levels, the blueprints you unlock, will all have to be re-earned during the official release. Which is a shame, as dedicated players can reach as high as level 30 during the beta weekends.

However, players who do reach the max level of 30 stand to get quite a few rewards.

All Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Beta Rewards

While you might not keep your levels and progress, you can get quite a few rewards, including an exclusive and flashy skin if you hit level 30.

Here are all of the rewards you stand to earn:

Modern Warfare 3 Beta RewardLevel Unlocked
Appetite: Whet EmblemLevel 2
Operation Beta CharmLevel 7
Beta Tester Calling CardLevel 9
MWIII Weapon StickerLevel 11
Beta Ripper Weapon BlueprintLevel 20
Beta Proof Weapon StickerLevel 25
Tester Jabber Operator skinLevel 30

The Tester Jabber Operator skin might not give you the glitz of Nicki Minaj, but it will have you looking like a tester dummy.  

You can use these rewards during the beta test and during the official release. Which means you’ll get a full year to show off your exclusive loot before the next Call of Duty game inevitably releases.

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