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Nicki Minaj is Coming to Warzone and MW2… No, We’re Not Joking

Don't forget the Gin and Juice.

Another round of crossovers is heading to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone in Season 5, and instead of over-the-top superheroes, we can expect over-the-top rappers on the battlefield. Among some other names, Nicki Minaj will be one of the major bundles headed to the game next season, and she isn’t the only name.

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Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg in MW2 and Warzone Season 5

Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, and 21 Savage will all appear as Operator Bundles in Season 5 of MW2 and Warzone. There is no exact release date for any of them just yet, but Call of Duty provided some vague windows to expect the rappers to carry rifles instead of microphones.

The first release will be Snoop Dogg around the launch window of Season 5. Within the Call of Duty blog post, there was a callback to the first appearance of the Doggfather. In their own words, Snoop Dogg and Call of Duty have been in the same rotation since 2014, which was the Ghosts announcer pack. Even MW2 is no stranger to some smoke grenade references, and I’m sure we’re just getting started.

Snoop Dogg COD
Image via Activision.

Nicki Minaj arrives in-season, which could mean a few weeks after the initial launch of Season 5. Hopefully, you like pink because her bundle has enough to put the Barbie movie to shame. Considering she was also part of the Barbie soundtrack, maybe we get to see Ken and Barbie as hardened war Operators next. We already have plenty of cats, anime, and superheroes, so let’s keep the ball rolling.

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After Nicki hits the battlefield with her Super Bass tactics, 21 Savage is the third rapper to get a bundle. Each of these bundles will likely cost at least $20, and like so many others, they will feature weapons and charms along with the Operators.

Before Nicki Minaj arrives, get the best MX Guardian loadout for Warzone so you don’t get blasted about by bright pink bullets.

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