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Does Marvel’s Avengers Support Cross-Play?

by Lucas White

Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ live service superhero brawler-RPG, is now available for everyone. Now that the beta and early access periods are over, the influx of new players is probably pretty big across every platform. But can people play with each other across platforms? In our current moment of cross-play, does Avengers join in on the fun?

Marvel’s Avengers Cross-Platform Support Guide

The answer, unfortunately, is no. Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t have any cross-play or cross-progression support. So if you’re planning on playing with your friends, you’re all going to have to agree on which platform to play it on. This could have something to do with exclusive content, as the PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers will not only get Spider-Man after launch, but also unique community challenges once a month. That’s just conjecture, though; the actual reason could be anything.

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But while you won’t be able to play with Xbox players from your PS4 or Stadia account, there is a slight element of cross-platform play coming up in the future. A next-gen version of Marvel’s Avengers has already been confirmed, and Square Enix has already confirmed that at the very least, folks playing on the same platform “families” will be able to play together. So that’s PS4 and PS5 players able to run missions together, and the same with the Xbox One – Xbox Series X – whatever other zany Microsoft SKUs come later. Technically, that is cross-play! We know it isn’t necessarily what folks are looking for right now, but it’s still comforting to know you won’t get siloed away from your friends for the crime of upgrading your hardware.

Marvel’s Avengers seemed to be building up to a lukewarm response on the road to release, but since it has been out in the wild, players and critics have been responding quite well to the storytelling quality in the campaign. This writer agrees! The Jury is still out on the post-game multiplayer stuff, but we can expect that to be fleshed out over time with updates, and new content including free hero additions. The first two of those coming are Kate Bishop and Hawkeye, both landing before the end of the year. Technically that’s two Hawkeyes, but hey, it’s cool to see Kate Bishop show up in a game.

Are you planning to pick up Marvel’s Avengers on a specific platform for playing with friends? Or are you just grabbing it on whatever platform you have space on? Have you been playing since the early access, or are you just getting started? Let us know what you think about the latest videogame adventure in the Marvel universe over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!