Does Marvel Snap Have a Max Credits Limit? – Answered

If we can't accept limitations, then we're no better than the bad guys.

Marvel Snap is the definitive experience for superhero enthusiasts and card game fans alike. This simple, fast-paced game is easy to pick up and can get addicting very quickly, especially if you’re playing it on your phone. After each match, you get boosters that help to increase your Collection Level, but you also need another currency: credits.

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Spending credits is essential to your progression as they’re used to upgrade your cards’ rarity. While credits usually have a much higher demand than boosters, you may find yourself with obscene amounts of them by simply logging in, completing missions, and advancing through the Season Pass.

But what happens if somehow you got lots of credits and refused to spend them? Does the game have a limit for how many credits you can have?

Does Marvel Snap Have a Max Credits Limit? 

Yes, it does. Just like most progression games, you’ll eventually reach a cap for resources if you decide to keep them for whatever reason. There’s no point in doing so (unless you own all cards in the game and their variant arts. Congratulations for clearing Marvel Snap!), but it could happen if you keep on clearing dailies, Rank up, or just decide to use your gold to get more credits without touching your Collection.

The max credit limit is 10000. The game was originally launched with 2000 max but turns out it was just a bug and the cap has since been bumped up quite a lot. Thank goodness, because getting to 2000 credits it’s not hard at all, considering that Weekly Challenges alone can net you 1350 of them.

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While it’s very important to spend your credits as soon as they get close to the limit, don’t worry if you forget about it. If you have 4900 credits and get 600 more somehow, you won’t lose any credits as the game allows you to overflow the limit, leaving you with 5500. But you can’t get more credits until you drop that number to 4999 or less.

And that’s all you need to know about the max credit limit. If you’re enjoying the game, feel free to take a look at other articles from our Marvel Snap tag below.

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