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Does LEGO 2K Drive Work With Steering Wheels – Answered

Can you drive with your Sim setup?

by Shaun Cichacki

If you’re anything like me, racing games are a million times more exciting if you can strap in behind the wheel of your sim setup. While I may not have the most impressive setup, just using a Logitech G29 on my PlayStation 5, it takes games like Gran Turismo and Grid Legends to new levels of enjoyment. LEGO 2K Drive is the newest and one of the best kart racers available on the market, so I immediately had to find out if I would be able to use my precious wheel, pedal, and shifter setup on this thrilling racer, so I could zoom through the world of Bricklandia in style.

Does LEGO 2K Drive Have Wheel Support?

Unfortunately, LEGO 2K Drive does not support any type of steering wheel controller at this time. While this may feel like an oversight, there are a few different reasons why they may not have implemented support for these types of controllers.

With a variety of different ways that players can navigate the world around them, the standard steering axis would not be enough to fully control their vehicles. With a dedicated jump button that allows players to shoot themselves into the air at any time, you would likely need a forward and back motion to make this work as expected. Technically, you could use gas and brakes to control this, but it may not be as intuitive as they would like.

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It would also be a shock to the system in a variety of ways to try and adjust the force feedback of specific wheels on the fly, depending on what type of landscape you are driving over. One of the biggest draws of LEGO 2K Drive is the ability to transform your vehicle on different types of land and water, so they may not be able to implement this adequately. There is an option to turn off the auto transformation, so you could find a way around it with this method, maybe?

I did reach out to the publisher, 2K Games, with a request to find out if wheel support would be added in the future, but I have not heard back by the time of publishing. I will update this article with information as I receive it with the official word on this topic, with either good or bad news.

Update 05/22 @ 11:24am CST: After hearing back from 2K, it seems that Steering Wheel Support is not currently a priority, so it seems unlikely that support for this type of control method will be added in the future.

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