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Does it Matter What Book You Give Claus’ Daughter in Pentiment? – Answered

Sure, a book will make everything allll better Andreas

by Daphne Fama

Pentiment is a historical murder mystery, but it’s also a game that builds itself in layers, where the relationships you create, strengthen, and destroy mean just as much as whatever conclusion you come to. But that makes Act 2 all that more heartbreaking. There will be very mild spoilers ahead, but I kept these to a minimum and reveal nothing integral.

Does it Matter What Book You Give Claus’ Daughter in Pentiment?

It’s been seven long years. Andreas has left Tassing in the wake of his accusation, which has led to the death of a man or woman who may, or may not, have been innocent of the crime he accused them of. There’s no doubt that this past has weighed heavily on Andreas, and he returns to Tassing, not in everyone’s good graces.

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Among the people who have chilled towards Andreas are Claus Druckers, Tassing’s printer, and, once upon a time, one of Andreas’ closer friends in town. But in the time that Andreas was gone, Claus’ wife and young son died. Now, he is alone with his little daughter, the golden-haired Magdalene.

And Andreas? Andreas ignored the series of letters Claus sent, telling Andreas of his wife’s passing. Andreas doesn’t have much reason for doing so, other than severe melancholy about the events in Tassing and his life.

But when Father Gernot invites Andreas to the library to select a book for purchase, Andreas is determined to make things up to the heartbroken Claus by getting a book for Magdalene.

There is a number to choose from, varying across different specialties. From one that focuses on theology to animals and herbs, Latin, printmaking, and languages. These books (minor spoilers) will influence Magdalene’s interests as she ages and will help mend the broken relationship between Claus and Andreas. So select a novel that you believe will genuinely benefit a young girl born into Tassing, surrounded by the events that Andreas himself had to untangle.