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Does Honkai Star Rail have a Cross-Save Option? – Answered

Hop on the Express in all of your favorite platforms

by Patrick Souza

One of Honkai Star Rail’s main selling points is being available on various platforms at the same time. Android, iOS, PC… All of them have the game available for downloading and playing right now. PlayStation 4 and 5 will get their own release at a later date, and all that we can hope is that it won’t become another “Genshin on Switch” situation (it probably won’t). But can you keep playing on a different platform from the same point where you stopped previously? Crossplay/Cross-Save are very common nowadays, so find out if it’s also present here in Honkai: Star Rail.

Does Honkai Star Rail Have a Cross-Save Option? 

Yes, Honkai Star Rail features cross-save, cross-progression or crossplay, whichever you decide to call it. Feeling tired of grinding all day in front of your computer? Time to keep the grind going on your phone while you lay comfortably in bed! As long as you use the same Hoyoverse account, you can keep playing the game on a different platform from the exact same point you left off and continue your progress with no issues.

This has been a feature for most Hoyoverse games for a while, so it would be surprising to see Star Rail not making use of it. You cannot log into the same account on more than one device at the same time, so no turbo-farming strats here. If you try to log into your phone, you get this message on PC (or vice-versa):

Screenshot by Prima Games

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Nothing is lost as long as you’re not in a battle, but avoid doing that too often just for safety measures. Cross-Save is enabled all the time, so don’t worry about having to turn it on before downloading it on your phone.

The function is expected to be present on the game’s PlayStation release later. And similar to Genshin Impact, you’ll need to connect your Hoyoverse and PlayStation Network accounts to keep progress shared between them. If you already did that for Genshin, just log it as usual and your characters will all be there waiting for you. 

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