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Whoever told you the contrary was lying

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Although it’s not available anymore, the free Demo for Lies of P had moderate success among the curious players who wanted to dive into the dark city of Krat. With Early Access (and the whole game, eventually) coming out in just a few days, they might be asking themselves if their progress will still be recognized in the full release. Is that actually the case?

Do Your Lies of P Demo Progress Carry Over to the Full Game?

Unfortunately, the Demo save cannot be used in the official release. You’ll have to play the whole initial sequence once again (which takes on average from two to three hours depending on how quickly you grasp the commands), and since the demo cannot be accessed anymore as it was removed from Steam, you most likely won’t ever be seeing it again.

But going through the game should be easier if you played the demonstration previously. You might have a good idea of which paths you should take initially, and Dodge works way better now than it used to in the Demo. This basically means no more dumb deaths because your dodge sucked! I’m ready to die to even dumber things now!

This is not unusual for demos and was actually something to be expected given the temporary aspect of the Demo. And when they actually let us continue the game from where it stopped, they usually leave that part clear as soon as the Demo is out. This never happened with Lies of P, so it was basically them confirming that your progress didn’t matter.

If this makes you feel better, the Demo barely scratched the surface of what this game has to offer. After beating the third boss (which was the last one in the Demo), you get access to the P-Organ, which enhances your abilities, sometimes even getting you some new passives. There are also more things you can do in Krat districts, such as lying to some of the survivors.

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