Does Dead Island 2 have Crossplay? – Answered

Can you play regardless of platform?

Dead Island 2 lets players team up with friends and family to smash and bash waves of undead enemies. As you dropkick your way through zombies and try to escape LA, having friends around to do it enhances the overall vibes. What if your friends are on another console, though? Are you able to play with them? Does Dead Island 2 have crossplay? We have the answer for you below.

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Does Dead Island 2 have Crossplay? – Answered

Dead Island 2 does not support crossplay between different consoles. So if you’re playing on Xbox, you can not team up with a friend on PlayStation. However, it does support the same console play. So if you’re playing on PS4, you can play with someone on PS5.

Unfortounley this means if you’re planning on picking up Dead Island 2 with friends, you will all need to decide on a platform before purchasing if you want to slay zombies as a group of three.

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While the team at Dambuster could add crossplay later on, it seems unlikely that it will happen any time soon. Never say never, though. Crossplay has become pretty standard for multiplayer games nowadays, and it seems like an irregularity when a high-profile release doesn’t have it at launch.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if Dead Island 2 has crossplay. We hope to see crossplay added in the future so everyone can play this game together regardless of their console choices. Stay in the loop with all of the Dead Island 2 news, guides, and other content we have. Check out the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Dead Island 2 if you’ve now decided to go for PC. Check them out here.

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