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Does Crucible Have Controller Support?

by Thomas Wilde

Crucible is one of the biggest releases this month. It’s a free-to-play player vs. player vs. environment shooter that’s also the first game published by Amazon. Before you jump in, though, you may want to know more details, like exactly how you can play it. Here’s what you need to know about using your trusty game pad with Crucible.

Does Crucible Have Controller Support?

At time of writing, on the morning of Crucible’s launch day, it’s listed on Steam as featuring “partial controller support.” This typically means that while you can play most of the game with a controller, you’ll still need a mouse and/or keyboard at some point in the festivities. This can mean anything from the game needing to open another application (i.e. an anti-cheat program) to requiring a separate login (Crucible, and most other free-to-play games) to just being sort of janky (a fair number of those indie games you’ve never heard of before they suddenly appeared in your discovery queue).

Crucible in particular has been tested and works with Xbox One or Xbox 360 controllers. You may be able to get a Dual Shock 4 working via freeware hacks like DS4Windows, but Crucible does not currently seem to support using your DS4 through Steam’s Big Picture. Either way, you’ll need to keep your keyboard handy at some point in order to log in.

By default, Crucible’s standard controller keybinds are:

  • A: Jump
  • X: Reload
  • Y: Ability 3
  • B: Ability 1
  • RT: Primary fire
  • LT: Ability 4
  • LB: Ability 2
  • L3 (thumbstick button): Toggle detection mode
  • Interact: Left on D-pad
  • Medkit: Right on D-pad

You can remap this, of course, and it’s probably a good idea, given how much real estate is left on that controller. The right bumper doesn’t seem to have a default use, which is a little strange.

It’s still too early to say whether or not controllers give you a distinct disadvantage in Crucible, the way they can with some other precision-based shooters. At a glance, I’d imagine Summer mains might get some mileage out of having a controller due to her focus on persistent rushdown, whereas Ajonah, as a sniper, ought to stay far, far away.

It’s Crucible launch day and we’re on the front lines, answering your questions and providing what help we can. Check out our game hub for a rapidly-growing list of articles, like:

What shocks me about Crucible is that I didn’t get about a hundred million in-game credits dropped directly on my head at launch due to being an Amazon Prime subscriber. Maybe that’s coming later on. Share your own ideas for cross-media synergy with us via our official Twitter, @PrimaGames.

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