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Ahead of the Call of Duty Next event planned for September, Activision has unveiled a new teaser for the upcoming COD Warzone Mobile game. There is a lot of hype for the next few months of Warzone content and release dates have all been under wraps.

Now that there is an official Twitter account and YouTube channel for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, plenty of information is about to start dropping. While we’re bound to learn a ton more during Call of Duty Next, this guide will go over the potential release dates and what we know about the mobile title so far.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile – Is there a release date?

At the time of this writing, there is no official release date for COD Warzone Mobile. Despite getting a brand new teaser trailer, Activision is clearly attempting to build up hype while keeping control of as many leaks as possible. Considering Call of Duty Next will go live on September 15, Activision only has to stay quiet for about one week.

Call of Duty Next is a livestream event that is tailored to show off all the upcoming content in the franchise. Modern Warfare II is an obvious addition to the livestream, but you can expect more than that. Both Warzone 2 and COD Warzone Mobile will be present during the event. Official release dates are nearly guaranteed by that time.

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Without waiting for the official Call of Duty Next event, we can still speculate a bit about what the release date could be. Warzone 2 already has a speculated release date of November 16 which is a few weeks after the release of Modern Warfare II. It’s entirely possible that the Warzone Mobile version will also launch at the same time to keep things uniform, or it could be sometime after. We’ll have to wait and see on September 15.

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