Does BattleBit Remastered Have Controller Support?

Take the battle to your enemies while sitting on your couch.

After spending all day in front of a computer working, the last thing I want to do is keep using my mouse and keyboard. So, now that the BattleBit Remastered bug has officially bitten me, I’m hoping I can plop down on the couch and blast through a few matches on the TV screen with my favorite controller. But, it’s hard to know sometimes if a game has proper controller support, so let’s dive into the details and find out if we can blast through some enemies in a more comfortable setting.

Can You Use A Controller In BattleBit Remastered?

You’ll be glad to know that controllers are fully supported in BattleBit Remastered. However, as of the time of this writing, there does seem to be a little bit of a glitch with portable PCs such as the Steam Deck or the ROG Ally, where the game is not detecting the built-in controllers properly. To remedy this, you’ll just want to pick a community layout until this glitch has been fixed because there is a complete layout made by the developers, it just doesn’t want to work for the time being.

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Screenshot: Prima Games

To change your controller layout on Steam, you’ll need to select the game that you’re looking to play and then select the Controller Icon. Here, you’ll find the option to change your controller settings, and either use a Community Layout, or an official Layout if that is available. In this particular case, you’ll want to use a Community Layout of your choice, apply it, and then start your game.

Can You Be Competitive In BattleBit Remastered With A Controller?

I’m one of those kinds of people that look to have fun while playing a game, so things like a K/D ratio really mean little to nothing to me. However, after watching other players who jump into the world playing with a controller versus a Mouse and Keyboard, you can still be rather competitive in the world of BattleBit Remastered.

It may take a little bit of time to learn the ropes once again while using a controller, but if you’re planning on playing on the Steam Deck or with a controller, you’ll want to learn how everything works. Thankfully, you remap keys as you see fit, so you can match your favorite FPS controller settings within the world of BattleBit.

BattleBit Remastered plays like a dream, no matter which way you’re controlling it. From patrolling the ground to commanding vehicles, you’ll have plenty of reasons to go wild while playing this new FPS. No matter if you’re playing with or without a microphone, this could be one of the best ways to spend your weekend.

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