Does Atomic Heart Have Co-op? – Answered

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Atomic Heart Denuvo

The utopic reality in Atomic Heart is a peculiar showcase of what could be our future with enough technological development, and how quickly it could all fall apart thanks to those self-same advancements. Just your average dystopic reality dose. But at least we get a nice FPS-action game out of it, but can we experience it with someone else too? Here you’ll find if Atomic Heart does or doesn’t have co-op gameplay.

Does Atomic Heart Have Co-op? – Answered

Atomic Heart does not have any Co-op mode and is solely a single-player experience all the way through the end. The lack of multiplayer action was already announced during an interview with game director Robert Bagratuni, and it does make sense for the game as a whole. You’ll meet a nice share of robotic companions though, so it might not be as an lonely experience as you might imagine it to be. 

According to that same interview, some online features were supposedly being planned for the final release but were ultimately cut during development. This may have included online missions or similar features, but these are now a long, distant dream from being a reality. Just like the addition of a New Game Plus, an online feature would be a huge replayability factor for the title.

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The title has currently four confirmed DLCs in the making, but no mentions of any co-op feature or online interactions have been made at the moment of this writing. They’ll be all available for those who grabbed Gold or Premium Editions for the game with promises of delivering an even bigger open-world experience along with new quests, puzzles, enemies, and lots of story content.

There’s no set release date for any of those, and it’s very unlikely that any extra content would ever include some co-op function. But there may be some change of plans, and we’ll let you know if that ever happens.

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