One question that’s bound to come up with the release of Life Is Strange: True Colors is whether or not people should sit down and play the Life Is Strange games that came before it.

While each game is its own individual story, and each game is well worth playing, none are really a prerequisite for True Colors. 

Do You Need to Play Other Life Is Strange Games Before True Colors? 

The quick answer to the question of whether you need to play other Life Is Strange games before playing Life Is Strange: True Colors is no, you do not.

You can jump into Life Is Strange: True Colors without having played any of the other Life Is Strange games without issue.

The reason for this is because each game in the series is its own unique story. Even in the cases where connections can be made with other Life Is Strange games (like Before The Storm which is akin to a prequel to the first Life Is Strange game) they’re still their own self-contained experience.

So no, you don’t need to play any other Life Is Strange game to play and enjoy Life Is Strange: True Colors. The game has its own story, separate from previous Life Is Strange games, along with brand new characters like Alex, Ryan, Charlotte, Ethan, and more. 

Do we recommend playing the other Life Is Strange games if you have the time? Absolutely! We’re huge fans of every Life Is Strange title and always encourage people to play them so as to soak in their unique experiences. However, again, you don’t have to.

We hope this helps! 

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