Do Mods Disable Achievements in Starfield? – Answered

Get with the times, Bethesda!

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Despite primarily releasing single-player role-playing games, Bethesda Game Studios really does not want its community to earn achievements on a modded game. Seriously, you playing completely solo does not affect anyone else, and yet here we are, still waiting for BGS to provide us with total freedom regarding how we play games like Starfield. So, do mods disable achievements in Starfield?

Will Modding Starfield Disable Achievements?

Unfortunately, yes. If you download and install a mod or use any console commands, your save file is marked with an “M” for modded, and all achievements will be disabled. Unfortunately, if you’re the majority of the way through the main story quest, the moment you install a mod or use a console command, you can no longer earn achievements associated with any in-progress or future quests. The only way to resolve the issue is to create a new character.

Re-Enable Achievements With Mods

But wait, there’s a workaround! Thanks to the modding community that helped keep Bethesda Game Studios’ titles alive and well for years, game modifications are available to re-enable achievements in a modded or altered game save.

You only need to download one or the other, not both, to re-enable achievements on your save file.

I’ve used Achievement Enabler for games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 and never run into any issues.

Starfield Achievements You Might Want Mods For

If you’re willing to download an Achievement Enabler to mod to re-activate your save file, then there are a few achievements in the game that you may find benefit from a helping hand. These include:

  • Cyber Jockey: Bypass 50 digital locks.
  • Jacked In: Access 50 computers.
  • Soldier of Fortune: Mod 50 weapons.
  • Replicator: Craft 100 items.
  • Thirst for Knowledge: Read 20 skill magazines.

While none of these achievements prove extremely difficult to complete, they’re tedious. If you have console commands or a mod to help make the gathering and mini-game processes easier, then you’ll unlock each achievement in no time flat!

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