The Division – How to Fast Travel

Running around Manhattan isn’t one of the high points of The Division, but we’ve got some tips to help you make the most of the fast travel system.

This article covers how to fast travel in The Division and how to get to locations quickly. For most people there’s a lot to like about The Division. It’s an action-packed, third-person shooter with RPG elements. However, other people have found a few issues here and there as they play through the latest from Ubisoft. One of the biggest complaints players have had is that there’s a lot of running to travel from one location to the next. Luckily the game has a fast travel system to help reduce transit times, but it’s not very useful when you first begin the game. Fear not, we’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of the fast travel system in The Division.

Cut Travel Time

It takes a little while to unlock all of the fast travel points in the game. However, you can utilize the fast travel system to your advantage even if you only have a handful of points available. Check your final destination on the map and see if there any are fast travel points between your present location and your destination. If you can jump to a fast travel point halfway between your current location and your destination, that can cut down on travel time tremendously. Jump to that fast travel point, then run the rest of the way.

Fast Travel Detours

As you run from one location to the next, keep a close eye on your map to determine when a locked fast travel point is close by. It’s worth it to go a little bit out of your way in order to unlock a safe house because it’s very likely to save time in the future. In most cases the fast travel point will be a safe house, which doesn’t require any combat at all and shouldn’t take long to unlock.

Camp Hudson

Once you hit Manhattan your first fast travel location is Camp Hudson where your helicopter lands. A lot of players overlook this fast travel point because you initially get to it as you’re on the way to your base of operations (another fast travel point). However, there are plenty of side missions to be found in the Camp Hudson and Chelsea regions of the map. Most side missions give you the same amount of XP, and if you’re level eight or nine by the time you go back to the Chelsea area, you can breeze through these missions without breaking a sweat.

Safe Houses

Think of safe houses as you would your base of operations. You can restock your ammunition at safe houses, but more importantly you can get a situation report and get a map update in order to pinpoint all of the side missions in the immediate region. Story missions give you the most supplies, but you need to partake in side missions in order to increase your level and top off your supplies if you only need a few for your next base of operations upgrade. Side missions are also much shorter than story missions, making them easier to complete when you don’t have a lot of time, or you’re waiting for your friends to get online.

Completed Missions

Any completed story mission turns into a fast travel point. It will retain the same icon it had before you completed the mission, but it will be grey in color instead of green, blue or orange. In many ways these are better fast travel points than safe houses because you’re usually right on the street after traveling to the location. If you fast travel to a safe house you’re usually a little ways off the beaten path, adding a small amount of running time to get back to the main street and on your way.

Random Loot Encounters

Running isn’t one of the high points of The Division, but the one advantage you have when running to your location is that you can spot nearby loot on your mini-map. This allows you to pick up tools, electronic parts and other loot that you would have missed otherwise. If you’re big into the crafting of The Division these can come in handy.

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