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The Division – How to Farm Phoenix Credits

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers how to farm as many Phoenix credits as possible in The Division. Phoenix Credits are a special kind of currency that you’ll come across in Tom Clancy’s The Division once you get to level 30 – and they’ll be useful for purchasing some sweet gear.

We’ve previously covered this with our guide on acquiring and spending Phoenix Credits, but with this guide, we’ll explain how you can farm these credits so that you can stock up big for later in the game.

It’s easy to earn these Credits once you achieve max rank, as you can do everything from high-end loot drops to defeating Dark Zone bosses, and then spend the Credits however you please with Special Vendors that accept them. But here, we’ll talk about how you can build up properly.

Farming Phoenix Credits

You’ll first start farming these Credits (along with other high-end loot colored in yellow) by defeating bosses within the Dark Zone. Challenging? Sure, but you’ll be able to level up in Dark Zone rank at the same time, so it certainly serves a purpose when it comes to getting into higher-end regions in the area to find better gear and weapons.

The thing is, it’s time consuming. You’ll spend a good amount of it dealing with rogue agents and tougher enemies, all while building up the Credits you need to purchase items. Plus, high-end gear is consistently put at risk, considering the challenges you face in the area.

The best thing you can do is repeatedly take out and farm a higher-end boss. You don’t need to be in the Dark Zone to do this, as you can also deal with bosses in lower-end uncontaminated districts.

Where to start? How about Autumn’s Hope Safe House, which is within the Times Square district to the north? Once you get there, leave the place and head right. Go to the Meret building and hang a left, and you’ll get to an intersection that’ll take you closer to it.

Watch out for hostiles in this area, including the boss with the yellow bar. This is the one that will offer some Phoenix Credits for you to farm. Beat him as quickly as you can, and then let the other enemies take you out. This sounds harsh, but you’ll be able to take down the Elite you need to. Make sure to activate the Pulse so you can identify them as quickly as possible, making farming a little bit easier. Don’t kill the other hostile mobs, though. Otherwise, the boss will only make a one-time appearance.

Once you’re dead, go back to the Autumn’s Hope Safe House, and go back to the same area. Repeat the process and take down the Elite boss again, and take the one to three Phoenix Credits he leaves behind, along with the one or two purple Superior items. Save this gear for taking apart later, which you can use to sell to a Vendor to get even more Phoenix Credits, which you can turn around for whatever guns or gear you need.

Once you’re at level 30, defeating this boss should be a breeze, and you can keep up the process for around 150 Phoenix Credits an hour if you’re good enough – with extra coming from the Superior stuff you sell. The Dark Zone process will offer even more credits, but you’ll have to spend a lot longer to take them out. On top of that, you’ll need to work with other players to bring them down, whereas doing it normally in this situation, you can accomplish it on your own.

Can’t find the boss in Times Square? You can still farm a few credits by working with a friend (also at maximum level) and finding the group leader so they can join up with you. If you didn’t do this before, the boss should appear, and you can take them on. Matchmaking can also work with players of max level if you don’t have any friends. Just make sure you break up the group so that you remain in that world with the other player, and the boss can be available for additional farming.

That’s it. Happy shopping! Be sure to check out our Division walkthrough and guide, including how to find all the crashed drones and the best PvP Dark Zone build!

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