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How to Unlock and Equip Clothes in The Division 2

by Prima Games Staff

Just because the United States has fallen into chaos doesn’t mean you have any excuses for dressing poorly in The Division 2. However, if you want to dress sharply, you’re going to need to learn how to unlock and equip clothes first. In this guide we’ll run you through how to get new outfits in The Division 2 and teach you how to change into them.

There are plenty of ways to unlock new clothes in The Division 2, from joining in events to helping out civilians. We don’t know why they’re giving you trousers as a reward for saving them, but hey, at least they fit! You can also purchase clothes using real money from the Apparel Store, but we really wouldn’t recommend splashing out there unless you’re desperate. Two of our favorite methods for unlocking new clothes are finding caches and completing side missions.


While you’re out and about exploring the world, you’ll come across various containers and caches strewn about the ruined streets. These contain weapons, equipment, and yes, new clothes. Try to open these up whenever you can as you’ll earn plenty of good gear along with the clothes too. In addition, looking for these will encourage you to explore more and learn your way about the city.

Side missions

You’ll be hard-pressed to avoid side missions as you progress through The Division 2, and plenty of these unlock new clothing for you to wear. These usually won’t take you too long and are good fun, so make for a great way to unlock new clothes.

Once you have some new clothes to wear, you can change your outfit at any time from your Inventory. To open this up, press the Menu/Options button on Xbox One/Playstation, or hit I on PC. With your character screen up, select the jacket icon in the top right corner. You’ll now be given a view of all the clothes that you can change on your character, even including hats, glasses and scarves. Simply select the clothing you want to wear from the list to equip it. 


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