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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Unlocks

by Bryan Dawson

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is finally available, but players will soon find that a lot of things have to be unlocked in the game. In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT you can unlock Summons, EX Moves, HP Attacks, Story Mode aspects, treasure and chat messages. This article covers how to unlock everything in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. You’ll need to unlock EX Moves and unlock HP Attacks to improve your characters and you’ll need to play various game modes to unlock Story Mode. So let’s jump right into Dissidia Final Fantasy NT unlockables.

Dissidia Unlockables

  • Raise Player Level to Unlock: EX Moves, Treasure, Memoria, Summons, Player Traits
  • Raise Character Level to Unlock: HP Attacks, Chat Messages

Everything in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is unlocked via your Player Level (P. Level) or Character Level (C. Level). As you play matches you will earn experience points based on how well you perform during the match. The more experience points you earn, the more your character and player levels increase. Every time your Player Level increases you learn new EX Moves for the character you were using in the match. For every four levels your Player Level increases, you’ll also unlock a new Summon. Every time your Character Level increases, you learn new HP Attacks and earn new chat messages for that character.

For Story Mode, you must spent Memoria in order to view cutscenes and play through battles. You earn Memoria by increasing your Player Level as well as unlock Story Bonus Levels. You can also earn treasure this way, which is essentially the Dissidia version of loot boxes. You’ll find character skins, portraits, music and more in treasure loot boxes, which can be opened in the Treasure section of the main menu.

It doesn’t matter if you play online or offline to earn experience points and increase your P. Level and C. Level, but for many people it will likely be faster to play offline. This is mainly because you have to wait to find a match if you’re playing online, whereas you don’t have to wait at all when playing offline. Either way, you will level up quickly, especially early on when your characters are low level and it requires less experience points to level them up.

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