Difficulty Setting for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE
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Dissecting the Difficulty Options in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

Never have I asked, “Does it Matter?” in reference to Difficulty Levels in a videogame

For any gamer, the difficulty level is set early and with luck, can be changed later on in the game, but not so with Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. Normally, this determines how the game is played as a whole because do you need to be more careful and aware of your surroundings or do you play with reckless abandon? However, in Spike Chunsoft’s newest game, our partner-in-crime, Shinigami references the difficulty once, jokes about it, and it’s never brought up again. So what is the difficult level in this game and, hey, does it matter?

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Is There a Difficulty Setting in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE?

It certainly doesn’t have one in the traditional sense where you pick on a screen that gives you around three options to choose from. Unlike its predecessors, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE actually makes fun of the fact that you ask for a difficulty setting, gives you one, and then ignores that choice from then on. 

In previous games for Danganronpa, such as the first one, you were allowed to choose between Gentle (Easy), Kind (Normal), and Mean (Hard). And the actual differences between these were just how busy your screen was and how forgiving the time limit is when it comes to being on trial and having to run interference alongside you in choosing answers to clear your cases. 

We don’t really have that in MDA: RAIN CODE since instead, the game not only gives you a branch of skills that will actually help improve your chances of getting better at the game, making it easier for you in the long run. But it also doesn’t make the game any harder on you as the cases progress and you move from chapter to chapter. In previous games, there would be new challenges or interferences, but in MDA: RAIN CODE, you don’t quite get that. Even game developers have said that the game isn’t meant to increase in difficulty but rather allow you to make smoother progress when you put in the time to upgrade your skills.

So as a whole, it really doesn’t matter what answer you pick when talking to Shinigami about what difficulty level you’d like the game to settle at since the game doesn’t prioritize itself on difficulty. The best way to ease up on the train segments, the puzzles, and other aspects of the Magic Labyrinth is to level up and upgrade your branching skills. 

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There’s still a lot to learn about this game, and there’s going to be a lot more added to it, seeing as how Spike Chunsoft has already announced that there are going to be additional DLCs to add later.

For more information about how to get those DLCs, check out our breakdown of the type of editions that Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE comes in. There are many different options, including buying the exclusive pack to buying a Season Pass. More will be revealed in that article, along with other treats and prizes.

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