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Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Fish Meal Recipes

For all the fish dish lovers.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is indeed going big on the “Cooking Simulator” part of the game, with a couple of hundred recipes available in the game at the moment. Naturally, Prima Games has a complete database of all recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes, but by popular request, we are delivering a list of All Fish Meal Recipes, or in other words, every meal with fish in it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Every Fish Meal Recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley Listed

There are a couple of dozen different Fish Meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and all of them are in the categories of “appetizers” and “entrees”. Check them out below!


RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5Price and Energy
Arendellian Pickled HerringHerringLemonOnionGarlicAny Spice556+ Coins
2102+ Energy
Marinated HerringHerringOnion305+ Coins
723+ Energy
Pickled HerringHerringLemonOnionAny Spice431+ Coins
1742+ Energy

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Under this article, you will find the Disney Dreamlight Valley tag under which you’ll find a rich depository of various guides for this lovely Disney game. Here are ALL of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes.


RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5Price and Energy
Apple-Cider-Glazed SalmonSalmonSugarcaneApple271+ Coins
1572+ Energy
Baked CarpCarpButter767+ Coins
1894+ Energy
Carp SaladCarpLemonLettuce617+ Coins
2310+ Energy
Cheesy Crispy Baked CodCodWheatCheese303+ Coins
840+ Energy
Crispy Baked CodCodWheat47+ Coins
337+ Energy
Fish CreoleGarlicRiceTomatoAny FishAny Vegetable280+ Coins
822+ Energy
Fish ‘n’ ChipsWheatCanolaPotatoAny Fish392+ Coins
697+ Energy
Fish PastaGarlicWheatMilkAny Fish475+ Coins
1282+ Energy
Fish PieWheatButterAny Fish303+ Coins
867+ Energy
Fish RisottoRiceButterAny Fish386+ Coins
939+ Energy
Fish SaladLemonLettuceAny Fish92+ Coins
1140+ Energy
Fish SandwichesWheatAny Fish34+ Coins
337+ Energy
Fish SoupMilkAny Fish Any Vegetable368+ Coins
978+ Energy
Fish SteakTomatoBasilAny Fish100+ Coins
537+ Energy
Fish TacosCornChili PeppersCheeseAny Fish448+ Coins
1171+ Energy
Fugu SushiFuguRiceSeaweed1300+ Coins
3261+ Energy
Grilled FishAny Fish30+ Coins
290+ Energy
Grilled Fish EntreeAny FishAny Vegetable42+ Coins
340+ Energy
Lancetfish PaellaLancetfishShrimpTomatoRiceAny Seafood1700+ Coins
4550+ Energy
Lemon Garlic SwordfishSwordfishGarlicLemon1100+ Coins
3713+ Energy
Maguro SushiTunaSeaweedRiceGinger413+ Coins
1206+ Energy
MakiSeaweedRiceAny Fish148+ Coins
471+ Energy
Pan-Fried Angler FishAnglerfishTomatoZucchiniPotato2500+ Coins
4194+ Energy
Pan-Seared Bass & VegetablesBassAny VegetableAny Vegetable57+ Coins
394+ Energy
Pan-Seared Tilapia & VegetablesTilapiaAny VegetableAny Vegetable862+ Coins
2194+ Energy
Poached Basil-Butter SturgeonWhite SturgeonBasilLemonButter2200+ Coins
4961+ Energy
Sake MakiRiceSeaweedSalmon323+ Coins
1101+ Energy
Sake SushiSalmonRice274+ Coins
1000+ Energy
Savory FishLemonAny Fish74+ Coins
985+ Energy
Seared Rainbow TroutRainbow TroutTomatoOnion338+ Coins
889+ Energy
Simple Fried PerchPerchWheatButter380+ Coins
1317+ Energy
Smoked Peanuts and AnglerfishAnglerfishPeanuts2200+ Coins
3960+ Energy
Sole MeunièreSoleWheatButterLemon637+ Coins
2337+ Energy
Spicy Baked BreamBreamChili PepperButter767+ Coins
2075+ Energy
Steamed FuguFuguGingerGarlic1400+ Coins
3668+ Energy
SushiRiceAny Fish111+ Coins
405+ Energy
Sweet & Sour Kingfish SteakKingfishSugarcaneLemon702+ Coins
2292+ Energy
Tekka MakiTunaSoyaSeaweedRice366+ Coins
984+ Energy
Teriyaki SalmonSoyaSalmonSugarcaneRiceGinger637+ Coins
1726+ Energy
Tuna BurgerTunaOnionLemonWheatAny Vegetable491+ Coins
1922+ Energy
Walleye en PapilloteWalleyeBasilOreganoAny Vegetable1700+ Coins
3689+ Energy

That’s all for this Fish Recipe Book, everyone. Thank you for visiting Prima Games!

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