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Dig or Die – How to Survive Your First Night

by Josh Hawkins

Dig or Die is a challenging sidescroller crafting game inspired by titles like Terraria and Starbound. Unlike the other two games, Dig or Die takes things to a new level. This makes knowing how to survive your first night in Dig or Die quite a chore. Essentially, the night time is extremely difficult to survive. Luckily, There are a few things to know if you want to survive the night in Dig or Die, and we have all the details for you right here.

How to Survive the Night

Surviving your first night can be difficult. Not only are enemies going to swarm to your location, but you’re also going to need to worry about them breaking down blocks, including walls, dirt, and even rock. Nothing is safe when the creatures of the world are after you, so you’ll want to focus your efforts early on.

First, pick up all the items from your ship. This will give you a weapon, a tool, a flashlight, and a workbench of sorts that allows you to build more advanced items. Place down the Auto-Builder and then press E on it to get an idea of what kind of items you can build off the bat.

Your first goal should be to gather Wood from trees, Scrap Metal—which is all along the surface of the planet—as well as Blue Flowers and Hound Horns. These are items that you’ll need in order to prepare for your first night.

Once you’ve gathered plenty of Scrap Metal, Wood, Hound Horns and Blue Flowers, head back to your main base area where you want to make your stand for the night. Plop down the Auto-Builder and then press E and craft yourself several Wood Walls, Health Potions, and turn all of your Scrap Metal into Iron Ore. You should also start looking around for flying insects, which you can kill using your Gun in order to get Blue Energy Gems.

First, start out by crafting yourself a few Rotating Turrets. These are good for taking out enemies and helping watch your back. Once you’ve crafted a few Rotating Turrets, we’d suggest finding a nice sized hill to build within. You’ll want to build a series of tunnels and then place a turret at the end of these tunnels. This will create a funnel effect for the creatures trying to get to you. Keep in mind, though, that they will focus on destroying the blocks that allow them to get to you the quickest, so make sure you stand off to the side, this will aggro them towards your turrets, allow your automated weapons to take them out.

Doing this will allow you to easily survive the first night, however, the second night is going to be much tougher. Make sure to check out our Dig or Die tips for more helpful information about the game and prepare yourself for a long road ahead.


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