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Dig or Die – How to Power Jump

by Josh Hawkins

The Power Jump is a very powerful move that players can make use of in Dig or Die to propel themselves across short distances, or even to propel themselves upwards, allowing them to reach greater heights. If you want live through the night in the game and live long enough to take on the game’s bosses, then you’re going to need learn how to Power Jump in Dig or Die. The good news is, getting used to this move isn’t that difficult. However, mastering it will take time.

How to Power Jump

Power Jumps are very precise and helpful moves that players can complete by using a Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, or Overcharged Plasma Gun. To complete a Power Jump, you’re going to want to point your weapon down at the ground—either straight down or in a diagonal path—and then jump as you fire the weapon. This will boost you upwards in the opposite direction of where you are pointing, giving you an additional height advantage that can prove very useful for getting around.

Why make use of this move? Not only is it really good for getting around to higher areas, but you can also make use of it alongside useful tools like the Jetpack, which will give you an even greater advantage for getting around.

This move is also very helpful as you can use it to allow you to make a skybase, which will be great for staying away from land dwelling monsters, which could cause annoyances—especially late into the night. You should do everything you can to make sure this base is 100% stable, though, as not having a stable base ensures that enemies can tear it down quite easily, should they attack one of the key support pillars that you’ve set up.

Now that you know how to use this really useful move, make sure you check out our Dig or Die tips, as well as check out how to get Coal in Dig or Die. Both of those articles will help you out along your journey. You can also head back to our Dig or Die guides, where you’ll find an assortment of useful and quick informational guides to assist you in your quest to survive and beat all of the bosses in Dig or Die.


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