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Diablo 4: World Boss Location and Guide

The joy of hunting giant monsters with the whole server

by Patrick Souza
World Boss Diablo 4

Big monsters with low spawn chances that require aid from every single soul available to defeat are trademarks of online RPGs. Known as World Bosses, they can also be found in Diablo IV offering all those sweet rewards we always love to see; rare loot, experience and thousands of dead bodies popping around the area. Make sure you are prepared and good luck! Here is all you need to know about World Bosses in Diablo IV.

Disclaimer: This article was written using the Beta version of Diablo IV as its source. The final product might differ from what is represented here.

Where to Find and Defeat the World Bosses in Diablo IV

A World Boss is a raid-like event that happens in a certain area of the open world, spawning during certain times and offering special rewards for those who manage to beat it. As mentioned before, those rare monsters will only appear during certain times in the game, so make sure you are around when finally, they come out of hiding. 

Anyone can join the fray, but it is highly recommended to be at least at the area’s recommended level, so you will not get repetitively one-shotted. These bosses are some of the best loot sources in the game, so do not sleep on them if you have the chance!

There is only a single boss available in the Beta period, that being Ashava. This mighty dragon-like creature appears on the eastern side of the Fractured Peaks in The Crucible subarea. The recommended level is 25 (the cap level for the Beta). A global warning appears for every player 30 minutes before the boss spawns, marking his position until he is finally slain or flees from the battle.

During the Beta testing, Ashava will appear in the following time periods:

  • March 18 – 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 10 p.m. and midnight PDT
  • March 25 – 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 10 p.m. PDT
  • March 26 – 12 p.m PDT
Screenshot via Prima Games

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After it finally spawns, get ready to test your dodging skills. Ashava has slow but powerful attacks, including a poisonous breath that leaves a dangerous pool where it hits (if you step on it, use your potion quickly or you might die), a swipe that hits distant players and some occasional smashes on his sides. A single hit will one-shot under leveled players. 

This is still a Beta, so there is no steamer doing those insane damage montages to guarantee the kill. Expect to see thousands of deaths instead, but everyone respawns next to the boss, so do not worry about that. If you manage to defeat it, you are gifted with Legendary tier drops and a good amount of Experience (if you are not level 25 yet). There is a weekly cache that can only be obtained once, but the boss will always drop its loot whenever you kill it.

If you could not manage to defeat it in fifteen minutes, the boss will flee, and you will have to wait until next time. Come back prepared and stronger in your next attempt. Good luck with those Legendary rolls!

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