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Diablo 4: Prayers for Salvation Quest Guide

You don't need a prayer to complete this quest, you need Prima!

To complete Season of the Malignant’s Prayers for Salvation quest, you’ll need to track down Cormond again, who tasks you with acquiring three items: Crusader Missives, Palain Prayer Book, and Tithe Ledger. Unfortunately, these essential tomes aren’t in a well-lit, comfy library. No, they’re tucked away inside tough strongholds. So, don’t expect a simple fetch quest to complete Prayers for Salvation in Diablo 4. It’s challenging, with plenty of demons and skeletons to fight, all for a few books!

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How to Complete Prayers for Salvation in Diablo 4

Prayers for Salvation Quest Locations
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On the surface, Prayers for Salvation appears simple enough. Cormond wants three tomes found in higher-level zones throughout the Southeast of Sanctuary. The trick is most of these books are located deep within a stronghold. If you’ve yet to clear these areas, expect to spend time and energy defeating waves of enemies and challenging boss fights.

Where to Find the Crusader Missives

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The first item you must find is the Crusader Missives. It’s not far from Cormond, located northwest of Hawezar, in the Crusaders’ Monument. This stronghold proves quite tricky to clear solo, though not entirely impossible. If you’ve already unlocked the stronghold, the only thing standing between you and the book is a few low-level mobs.

Clear your way through the skeleton and ghost mobs to find the Crusader Missives in the northern section, just before the stairs leading to the Altar of Lilith above. It’s sitting beside the large gravestone in the center.

Where to Find the Paladin Prayer Book

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Next is the Paladin’s Prayer Book, which you’ll find at Eriman’s Pyre. This is one of the northernmost strongholds in Hawezar, and if you’ve yet to clear it, know that waves of fire block the path to the book. To unlock the way, you’ll first have to complete the stronghold.

Starting in the center, near the pyre, head immediately north up the path that loops around on itself. You’ll note the charred ruins and cages at the northern portion of the loop. Here, buried beneath the ash, is a Charred Chest, which contains the Paladin’s Prayer Book.

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Where to Find the Tithe Ledger

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Lastly is the Tithe Ledger, which is the easiest of the books to acquire. It’s the only one not hidden behind a stronghold. Instead, it’s next to the Zakarum Belfry, not inside the dungeon.

To find the Tithe Ledger, head north of Backwater to the Zakarum Belfry, then walk up the steps. But instead of entering the dungeon, take an immediate left. The ledger is sitting on the ground in the open.

A few mobs are roaming the surrounding area, but nothing a hero like you can’t handle!

Return to Cormond

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With all three books acquired, return to Cormond. He’s in the exact location, just outside of Zarbinzet in Hawezar. Just speak with him, hand over the books, and receive your reward.

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