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Diablo 4: How to Fix Unable to Find Valid License Error

Hell's just around the corner

by Patrick Souza
Diablo 4 Unable to Find Valid License Error

Pre-release online servers are known for being problematic. Sometimes it is not even an accident. In fact, the Diablo IV Server Slam wants problems to happen so they can fix them for the actual release next month. But it gets troublesome when said errors happen before people can actually stress the servers out. That is the case with the “Unable to Find Valid License Error” message players have been getting.

Also known as Error Code 315306, this error has been present since the game’s very first Early Beta tests, and it often comes back haunting those wishing to open the gates of hell a little bit earlier. Here is what you can do about it.

Unable to Find Valid License Error in Diablo 4 Fixed

Whenever this error comes around, it is not that you do not have a license for the game. It is more like the game itself does not have its valid license yet. In other words, the servers are not online yet and you have been trying too early.

This means that the aforementioned error is a server-side issue that cannot be permanently fixed by yourself. All that is left is to wait until the servers are opened. Sorry, no Lilith worshiping for you by now.

It is very common for players to receive this message when trying to log into the servers a few minutes before they are open out of pure excitement. We all want to explore the Fractured Peaks and beyond, but waiting is still needed. 

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The error might also come around if servers are suddenly shut down and have yet to return (considering that the Beta/Server Slam is still active of course). In those cases, it is either extra maintenance or a different problem altogether that, once again, you have no control over.

So be patient, play something else on a different tab or take a walk around while you wait. Hell will not go anywhere. Do not forget that after the servers finally open, you still need to face a huge queue full of people trying to get it at the same time.

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