Diablo 4: How to Complete Summons of the Deathless

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While Diablo 4 players will start with a fresh character for the second season, Season of Blood, the new questline will pause at moments to make players complete specific chapters before moving on. The first mission to require it is the Summons of the Deathless quest, and here is what is necessary to complete it.

How to Start Summons of the Deathless Quest in Diablo 4

The quest will first take players to meet hunter Erys at the Tomb of Hallows in northern Kehjistan. You and the hunter will enter the tomb to search for Magistrate Oren in a fairly straightforward dungeon.

Finding Oren will trigger a fight with vampires that will kill him, and the player will have to investigate three green areas close by to open the entrance to Hallow’s End. This is also a linear area to explore and ends with speaking to the Apparition and fighting off the Vampire Lord Zir’s minions. Finishing the fight will complete the first part of the Summons of the Deathless quest.

How to Finish Summons of the Deathless Quest in Diablo 4

The second part of Summons of the Deathless requires players to complete Chapter 1 of the Season Journey. The Season Journey consists of several chapters of challenges that can be completed over the duration of the season.

However, the first chapter has to be completed to continue to the seasonal questline. The Season Journey can be found in the Season tab alongside the battle pass progress. Here is the full list of Chapter 1 challenges:

  • The Crimson Garden – Collect 10 Reddamine from Dry Steppes
  • Kind Stranger – Complete three priority or side quests
  • What Lurks Below – Complete one Cellar
  • Waste Not – Salvage seven items at the Blacksmith or Jeweler
  • Across the Golden Wastes – Complete two Dungeons in Dry Steppes
  • Trouble in the Wilds – Complete one World Event
  • Contract Forged – Equip one piece of Pact Armor, available after completing or skipping the campaign
  • A Drop of Blood – Activate one Vampiric power, available after completing or skipping the campaign

Thankfully, only six of the eight challenges are necessary to complete the chapter and the Summons of the Deathless quest. Some may even be completed already by this point. The only difficult challenge would be completing a World Event, since you are stuck with a low-level character.

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