All Diablo 4 Season 2 Pacts, Explained

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Pacts Diablo 4
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The Season of Blood revolves around Pacts to determine which Vampiric Powers are enabled in your Diablo 4 Season 2 build. However, there isn’t a clear explanation of exactly what they do as you enter Sanctuary once again, so I’m here to help.

Diablo 4: Pacts Explained in Season 2

Pacts are used to determine which Vampiric Powers are active in your Sanguine Circle. There are three different Pacts that you can choose from in Diablo 4 Season 2: Ferocity, Eternity, and Divinity. You can use more than one type of Pact, but certain powers will require a set number of Pacts on your armor.

Pacts Diablo 4
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The only way to use Pacts is by equipping armor with engravings. Most of the armor in Season 2 will have a random assortment of Pacts by default. Your five armor slots will determine which Vampiric Powers are activated on the Sanguine Circle. For example, if you have a power that requires three Pacts of Ferocity, your armor must reflect that.

You don’t always need to rely on random armor drops. In the Season of Blood, you can thoroughly cleanse the Pacts on your armor, pick specific types, or add new engravings entirely. Cleansing Acid is how you can clear the armor and engraving items with individual stamps is how you add them. Both of these are consumables. To get ahead of the season journey, I made sure to stack up some of these in my inventory.

To get all of these materials, you need to run Blood Harvests. Potent Blood will make acid, and all the engravings will drop from Seeker Caches around the harvest zone. For the remainder of the Season of Blood in Diablo 4, this serves as the main gameplay loop, and you’ll spend most of your time here refining your builds.

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