If you want to unlock all the cool augmentations featured in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you’re going to want to grab yourself a ton of Praxis Points. This guide will walk you through several locations where you can find Praxis Kits, which unlock additional Praxis Points to help you upgrade Jensen’s augmentations quicker.

Prague – The Time Machine

You can acquire two Praxis Kits from Vaclav Koller after you gain access to the new experimental augmentations. Koller will reward you with the Praxis Kits to help you get started on your upgrades.

A third Praxis Kit can be obtained by locating a moveable painting near the elevator in Koller’s dungeon. Behind the painting you’ll find a vent that leads to a room filled with poison gas. Open up the safe in the room to earn yourself a Praxis Kit.

Prague – Zelen Apartments

Head out of Jensen’s apartment and make your way to the floor right beneath you. Now you’ll need to locate the apartment with the eviction note taped to the door. Head inside the apartment to find a stash hidden in the flooring. Open up the stash to find a Praxis Kit waiting to be taken.

Make your way down the stairs to the second floor of Jensen’s apartment complex. Now locate the open apartment with some thugs standing around it. If you head inside the apartment you will find an arms dealer named Tars who sells two additional Praxis Kits for 10,000 credits each.

Prague – Church of the Machine God

Play through the mission where you have to confront Allison until you reach the very top of the apartment complex. Look right above her work station to discover an attic storage area with several boxes inside. If you jump up while using the Klipspringer Jump augmentation, you should spot a case in the area that is holding this Praxis Kit.

Prague – Palisade Bank

This Praxis Kit can be grabbed from the CEO’s secret room on the top floor of the bank. Open up the room by interacting with the sculpture nearby. You can open the door with the following pattern: raise, turn, raise, turn, turn, raise. Once the room is open, head inside and unlock the level 1 safe to find a Praxis Kit inside.

Locate Room B in the bank, and then make your way up to the first level to find a level five safe with the label B07. Hack the keypad to open the safe, or you can use the lock’s code, which is 0310 to bypass the lock and claim this Praxis Kit for yourself.

Prague – L.I.M.B. Clinic

A Praxis Kit can be found inside a cardboard box found in the clinic’s attic space. Locate a vent on top of the archway outside the clinic, and then climb inside to find the box and Praxis Kit waiting for you to claim it.

Golem City

To find this Praxis Kit you’ll need to locate the police lockup near Sokol’s apartment. Hack into the nearby storage area and loot the medical bin in the very back of the area to find this item.

A level up and across the street from Sokol’s apartment is a room that belongs to a man named Ivan Berk. Inside this room you can find a Golden Penguin which you can pick up and carry to the sub-level section in the first area of the ARC Headquarters. Use your Smart Vision in the area to locate a breakable wall that you can destroy and crawl through, discovering a large room filled with additional golden penguins. If you place the penguin from Ivan’s house on the empty pedestal it will open up a secret wall panel, revealing not only a Praxis Kit, but also unlocking The Golden Rookery achievement.

Make your way through Golem City, Arc Headquarters, and into Talos Rucker’s personal office. After all the cutscenes, gain access to his locked room with the keycard that he drops. Inside the room you will find a level 5 safe that you can hack to find an additional Praxis Kit, just waiting for you to claim it for your own upgrades.

That’s all the Praxis Kits that we have managed to find so far. Be sure to check back often as we will update this guide with new items and information once we discover it.