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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Best Strategies to Start

by Prima Games Staff

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a complex and entertaining jaunt through one of the most interesting science fiction worlds that video games have seen in a while, and we’ve got five of the best strategies to get you started in the game. Not only is the game extremely detailed, but there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that you might not think about if you aren’t looking for them. With that in mind, we’ve pinpointed five things that every player should know going into Adam Jensen’s newest story.

Toss Out ‘Sellable’ Items to Make Room in Your Inventory

We’ve all been there. You’re going through a level and you find a really cool weapon that you want to pick up, but you just don’t have the room in your inventory. The really easy solution? Throw it all out. Vendors are a very small part of the experience when it comes to Deus Ex, and many times you aren’t going to make enough money off ‘sellable’ items to bother with them anyways. So don’t bother holding on to all that junk. Toss it out and save that inventory room for something that matters. You know, like Multi-tools or Hacking Software.

Hack No More: Multi-tools are the Future

Hacking in Deus Ex can be fun. It can be challenging. But, sometimes it can be just plain annoying. The game doesn’t pause when you’re in the hacking mini-game, and many of the higher level terminals take quite a few tries to break through. Although we have already taught you how to hack, that doesn’t mean you always should. Sometimes the best route to take is to use a Multi-tool. These one-use items automatically hack panels, terminals, and laptops, allowing you to bypass the mini-game and get right back into the action.

Snooping is Always Worth It

You might feel a little bad breaking into the various laptops hidden through Mankind Divided. After all, the private emails of the world’s citizens aren’t really your business, is it? No, not really. But, that doesn’t stop snooping from being one of the most effective ways of gaining new information. Even if you don’t happen to find critical passwords or hidden stashes, the game will always offer up additional world lore to help immerse you into the experience even more.

Save Often, Reload Even More

You’re bound to make some mistakes as you make your way through the many perilously secure areas in Deus Ex. Don’t sweat it too much, though, as the developers have built in a handy feature that lets you instantly erase those mistakes so you can try to figure out that security patrol a seventh time. Of course, you could just deal with the consequences of your actions and try to hide the security alert out. But, if you want to save yourself some frustration, make sure you become familiar with both the Quicksave and Quickload buttons. You’ll thank us later.

Takedowns Require Energy

But your last bar always recharges. This means, no matter how many Biocells you have left, you’ll always be able to take your enemies down effectively and silently. You can always craft plenty of Biocells, or purchase them from vendors, but that doesn’t mean you have to rely solely on them. As long as you always have at least one bar of energy, Adam Jensen will be one of the most dangerous men in the world.

These are just five important things that players need to know going in to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. You can check out the official Prima Games strategy guide for even more in-depth information including full mission walkthroughs, augmentation breakdowns, and more.

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