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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in A New Home

by Josh Hawkins

A New Home sees Kara make her way to Todd and Alice’s house. This is a pretty important level, as it allows you to build up your trust with Alice along the way so you’ll want to get 100% completion in A New Home. The nice thing about this one is you can easily 100% complete it with one playthrough, though there are a few key things you’ll need to do as you play through it. In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know to earn 100% completion in A New Home.

Spoiler warning – The following walkthrough contains spoilers about key moments in Detroit: Become Human. Do not continue reading if you want to experience everything the game has to offer on your own without any spoilers.

A New Home – 100% Completion

There are a few different parts in A New Home, and here you’ll have a few different items to worry about completing and finding. We’ll break down each area below, so make sure you complete the tasks that we point out to earn 100% completion on this chapter.

Clean First Floor

There are quite a few optional tasks on the first floor of the house that you’ll want to complete.

Read Android Power and Connecting the Dots

You can find this magazine and the two articles within it on the dining room table. Pick it up and swipe through both articles to register them.

Wash Dishes

Grab the dishes off of the dining room table and carry them to the sink. Here you’ll be able to wash them.

Check Backyard

Head out the back door and into the backyard. You can find the laundry basket and several pieces of clothing on the line out here.

Talk to Alice

Wait for Alice to come out into the backyard and then talk to her to mark off this item.

Rewash Clothes

Remove the clothes from the clothesline and carry them into the laundry room.

Find Red Ice

When getting the clothes situated in the washer, you’ll find Todd’s batch of Red Ice in the detergent.

Enrage Todd

All you need to do to unlock this marker is find the Red Ice in the detergent. This will anger Todd and cause him to yell at Kara.

Disturb Todd

To complete this optional task, just stand in front of the TV until Todd yells at you.

Take out the Trash

Collect the garbage and take it out. Once you’re done, you can go upstairs and complete the next bit of the Chapter.

Clean Second Floor

After completing the items on the first floor, head upstairs and complete the second floor of the house.

Clean Todd’s Room

This one is pretty self-explanatory, and part of the main objectives.

Tidy Pills

Tidy up the pill bottles on Todd’s nightstand. Kara will put them in the drawer and unlock the next item on our list.

Kara Sees Gun

This item will allow you to make a different choice in a later chapter, Stormy Night. All you need to do is tidy up the pills on Todd’s nightstand and you’ll unlock it.

Clean Toilet

After you clean up Todd’s room, head out and then clean the bathroom right across from the entrance to Todd’s room.

Alice Goes to Her Room

Take long enough cleaning Todd’s room and Alice will head up to her room on her own.

Clean Alice’s Room

Head into Alice’s room and clean it up.

Ventilate Room

Open up the window in Alice’s room to unlock this and complete the next marker.

Kara Discovers a Way Down

If you open up Alice’s window, you’ll discover a way out of the house, which will come in handy during Stormy Night.

Read Putting a Price

Look for this magazine in Todd’s room.

Read Android QB

Look for the magazine containing this article in Todd’s room.

Clean Bathroom

Clean the bathroom across from Alice’s room to complete this marker.

Talk with Alice

This one is part of the normal flow of things. Make sure to talk to Alice and if you get your rating with her up to Warm or Trusted, she’ll give you a key.

Alice Gives Kara a Key

Get your relationship with Alice to Warm or Trusted to unlock this option.

Open Alice’s Box

Use the key that Alice gives Kara to open up the box on the dresser.

Finished Cleaning

Complete all of the main objectives in A New home and you’ll unlock this ending. It’s the only ending in the chapter.

Now that you know how to complete this chapter 100%, head to the next chapter, The Painter or back to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough.

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