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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in The Interrogation

by Josh Hawkins

The Interrogation isn’t a very long chapter in Detroit: Become Human, but there are a few options that you’ll want to tick off. With four different endings for this chapter, you can expect to play through the chapter a few different times in order to get them all and get 100% completion for The Interrogation. Below you’ll find the flowchart, as well as all the info you need to know to 100% complete The Interrogation and unlock all endings.

The Interrogation – 100% Completion

Earning 100% completion in The Interrogation will require you to have found specific items and paths in the previous chapter, Partners. You can check out our guide on how to 100% that chapter for more specifics.

Once Connor enters the interrogation room the chapter can take several different routes.Take a look at the flowchart below to see the different paths that you can take, and all the options that you’ll need to unlock along the way.

The Interrogation – All Endings

As we stated above, there are a total of four different endings that players can accomplish in this particular chapter of Detroit: Become Human. We’ve outlined them all below, so take a look to see how you can unlock them all.

Android Smashed His Head

During the interrogation, choose to probe the Android’s memory. After this happens, you’ll see the Carlos Flashback, and then the Android will begin to self-destruct. Do not intervene and it will smash its head into the table, killing itself.

Android Shot Connor and Itself

If you choose to probe the Android’s memory, and then intervene when it is self-destructing, it will steal Chris’ gun and shoot Connor before shooting itself, earning you this ending. This ending is needed if you wish to earn the trophy for killing Connor every time that you can.

Android Shot Itself

Give up during the interrogation and don’t question the Android too much. This will cause Chris to intervene and then the Android will steal his gun and shoot itself, bringing the chapter to a close.

Android Was Sent Back its Cell

If you get through the interrogation, convince the Android to tell you what’s going on, and keep the Android from killing itself, then you’ll unlock this particular ending. This means you’ll be able to talk to the Android in the next chapter, Waiting for Hank.

You can continue on to the next chapter of our 100% completion guides, Fugitives, or return to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough for more in-depth strategy guides and information.

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