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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in Broken

by Josh Hawkins

Broken isn’t a very long chapter in Detroit: Become Human, but you’ll need to complete a total of two playthroughs in order to grab every little cell on the flowchart and get 100% in Broken. That being said, there’s also two endings you can grab along the way—each of which will change how parts of the story continue later down the line. Here we’ll show you everything you need to 100% Broken in Detroit: Become Human, and get both endings.

Broken – 100% Completion

Getting 100% completion in Broken is not overly difficult and replaying the level will probably only take you around twenty minutes or so to do. Everything that you can achieve in this flowchart is part of the main story, save for one choice.

Check Studio Without Carl/Check Studio with Carl

The main variation in this chapter will come when you go to check the studio. You can either check it with Carl or check it without Carl. Either way, you’ll need to check it, so choose one option during one of the playthroughs and the second option during the next playthrough.

Broken – All Endings

As we said before, there are two different endings that players can unlock in Broken and each one will change subtle things about Markus’ story and the game world itself going forward. You’ll get the option to choose one of these endings when Markus enters the mini-game which ends in him breaking his programming and going Deviant.

Leo Accused Markus

If you choose to Obey Carl when he tells Markus not to fight back, then Leo will accuse Markus of being the one that broke in. This will also lead to Carl suffering from a massive heart attack, which renders him dead by the end of the interaction. Markus is shot by the police, and his story continues elsewhere in a later chapter.

Police Mistook Markus for the Aggressor

There’s no good ending here, and if you choose to Push Leo and fight back after becoming a Deviant, Markus will push Leo back, who will knock his head on the massive machine that Carl uses to reach his paintings. Once the police arrive, they’ll mistake Markus for the aggressor and shoot him down, bringing this chapter to a close.

All of the items on your flowchart should be marked, as they are all part of the main storyline of events here, so it’s almost impossible to miss them. You can see the full flowchart above, so check it out to see all the options. Now that you know how to 100% complete Broken, head back over to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough or continue on to the next portion of our 100% guides, The Interrogation.

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