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Destiny – The Will of Crota Strike – How to Defeat Omnigul

by Prima Games Staff

The first expansion for Destiny, The Dark Below, comes jam packed with new content that is bound to keep Guardians busy throughout the holiday season. In addition to new Quests, as well as a PlayStation exclusive Strike, The Undying Mind, players can take a crack at a second Strike, The Will of Crota, as well as a new Raid, Crota’s End.

While we here at Prima Games have been hard at work developing strategies to help you overcome all of these new challenges, such as our written and video tips for The Undying Mind, it doesn’t end there. Today, we’re going to crank things up a few levels and give you some ideas to help bring down Omnigul, the boss that you’ll throw down against in The Will of Crota. Before you can complete that Strike, however, make sure you’ve completed The Rise of Crota.

Legendary Murmur Fusion Rifle

Almost as if someone at Bungie planned this, players will unlock the Legendary Murmur Fusion Rifle when they complete a Quest called The Wakening that is provided by Eris. This is an optimal choice for a Special Weapon on this Strike, as it can be set to deliver either Arc or Solar damage, both of which will be required to take Omnigul down. Just don’t do what we did and get yourself killed while swapping between the two options.

Keep Scoring Critical Hits

We always make sure to capture our gameplay, then watch it back as we’re coming up with these tips to help you navigate through tough times. More often than not this ends up with us giving you advice that we wish we’d taken on our play through. In this case, it’s all about scoring critical hits on Omnigul, and all of your other adversaries for that matter. This is something we didn’t do well in our run through this Strike, and it likely made life much harder than it had to be. Look for the weak points on your enemies, then make sure to lay accurate fire in those spots. Precision will always be more effective than volume.

Live to Fight Another Day

Truer words have never been spoken, and this tactic was used by us on at least three or four occasions. You see, there is just no room for egotistical players on a tough Strike, so when two thirds of your fireteam are dead, and you’re the last Guardian standing, it’s time to get to safety. It’s not about proving you can go it alone, you typically can’t. It’s about not making your friends fight through another 25 minutes of cannon fodder just to get back to the point you’re at now. When the going gets tough and Omnigul is moving in to finish you off, find some cover and wait for your backup to respawn.

Plan Your Fireteam Loadouts

Anyone who can attempt The Will of Crota Strike should have access to the Legendary Murmur Fusion Rifle, although some players might have better options that they’d rather roll with. Either way, plan what type of damage you’re going to bring with your fireteam, thus eliminating the need to change it in the middle of the fight. As we mentioned in our first tip, this happened to us, and it’s sort of a rookie move at this point in the game. Even better, you could each bring both Arc and Solar damage, splitting the two up between your Special and Heavy weapons. Now that we think of it… go with that option.

Save Your Grenades

Saving your Grenades is solid advice for this Strike, as the final battle takes place in rather tight quarters. This means that you will often find yourself overwhelmed by enemy numbers, and a Grenade can be just the solution you need to buy a few precious seconds to get safety, or until one of your teammates can jump in and help you out. They are especially useful against the hoards of Thrall that charge at you, screaming as if you snatched up the last copy of Destiny on Black Friday. If your Grenade cool down time is an issue, look for ways you can tweak this in your Guardian’s subclass.

Listen for the Screams

After going back and completing this Strike as part of the Weekly Heroic, we noticed that Omnigul has tell for when reinforcements are about to arrive. This is in the form of a shriek, which is actually quite difficult to miss. Listen for the sound in the video below, then take note of it on your own play through. Think about retreating to the hallway and area you passed through before the final fight with Omnigul, as this is a perfect spot to funnel your foes into a kill zone. When all the minions are down, put some critical hits on the boss.

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