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Destiny Weekly Reset: September 13, Prison of Elders, Court of Oryx

by Prima Games Staff

It’s Tuesday once more, which means it is time to dive into the last Destiny reset before Rise of Iron releases on the September 20. We’ve got all the details about the coming week’s activities, including information about the Nightfall, Court of Oryx, and Prison of Elders. Let’s go ahead and dive in and find out what’s happening this week in Destiny.


Players attempting the Nightfall this week will be heading to the Dust Palace on Mars. The current modifiers are Epic, Void Burn, Grounded, Trickle, and Brawler. Expect to see a lot of heavily shielded and extremely aggressive enemies, and be sure to bring your Void weapons along to help plow through the crowds. You’ll also want to keep your feet on the ground as you move through the strike, and be sure to use your melee whenever possible to inflict additional damage.

Challenge of Elders

The Challenge of Elders this week featured Catapult, Grenade Kill Bonus, and Juggler as the modifiers. The three rounds are broken down below.

  • Round 1: Keksis the Betrayed (Fallen)
  • Round 2: The Seditious Mind (Hive)
  • Round 3: Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx (Cabal)

Remember that Juggler means no ammunition drops for your equipped weapon, so you’ll want to switch out often. Also, Catapult cuts down your grenade cooldown, which comes in handy thanks to the bonus from grenade kills.

Court of Oryx

Since it is the final week of The Taken King, and the last chance for people to get their Calcium Fragments, the Court of Oryx is currently rotating all three tier 3 bosses.

Crucible Playlist

Freelance 6V6 and Inferno Rumble take the stage for this week’s Crucible playlists.

Sterling Treasure

Out with the old and in with the new. Sterling Treasure can only be obtained from one place now, and that place is the level 41 Prison of Elders. You won’t get them from the Postmaster or from the weekly Crucible playlist anymore. This is to make room for the new treasures that will be released with Rise of Iron.

King’s Fall Raid Challenge

Bungie is giving players plenty of changes to get their final Moments of Triumph completed for Year 2, as all the raid challenges include Golgoroth, Oryx, and the Warpriest are active this week. Go ahead and hop in with your friends and claim your Moments of Triumph before they are gone for good!

That’s all for the week’s Destiny Reset. The King’s Fall Raid and the Court of Oryx are all geared up to give players the greatest amount of chances to get their Moments of Triumph, which is really awesome. So don’t sit around wasting anymore time. Grab your Guardian and your friends and head into the activities to claim your place among the legends of Destiny Year 2. We’ll be covering Destiny extensively in the coming weeks, so check back often for new content including guides, walkthroughs, and tips for Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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