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Destiny: The Taken King – Five Things Every Player Should Do Before Rise of Iron

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny is chock full of cool and exciting activities for players to complete, and that amount of content only grew when Bungie released The Taken King expansion pack last September. With Destiny: Rise of Iron a little over a week away, we wanted to take a look back at five of the coolest things you should do in Destiny before the new expansion pack hits on September 20.

Play Soccer in the Tower

This one sounds silly, and it kind of it, but it’s a good way to just unwind from the stress that the RNG loot system can sometimes bring. If you find yourself struggling to stay patient with the game during your farming sessions, head back to The Tower, find the large glowing purple ball that spawns there, and try to get some of the randoms in the area to join in on the fun. Like we said, it doesn’t actually affect the game in any sort of way, but it’s a cool little feature that has been available to players since the game first released. Even if you don’t want to play soccer, just wander around and enjoy the beautiful environments that Bungie’s art team have brought to life.

Complete the King’s Fall Raid

Now that we’ve covered something silly, let’s dive in to the serious stuff. The King’s Fall Raid is one of the coolest and most exciting raids that Bungie has released for the game. It’s one of our favorites, and there are a lot of cool things that you’ll need to master in it if you want to complete it. Beating the raid is also a really great way to level your character up, as the chests that you can loot in the different sections will often offer up additional gear with higher Light Levels than what you currently have.

Complete the Moments of Triumph for Year 2

The Moments of Triumph were a big deal last year, and thankfully Bungie made them a bit easier to obtain this time around. Things will take you a bit of time, and a few of the things you’ll need to do require the perfect timing with the game’s weekly resets, but you should still have time to at least obtain a few levels for the Moments of Triumph, so we’d suggest giving that a shot before Rise of Iron drops and they go away.

Ready Your Factions

Faction packages are a great way to get some new gear really quickly. That’s why we suggest going ahead and working towards getting your Faction reputation levels really close to leveling up. Don’t level them up just yet, though. Make sure you wait until after Rise of Iron releases on September 20, that way you can score some new gear and weapons really quickly by simply donating some spare items to your chosen Faction leaders. We’d also suggest holding out on decrypting Exotic Engrams at this time, as you might be able to decrypt them after Rise of Iron drops for new items from the DLC.

Try Something New

The only way to really understand and enjoy the full Destiny experience is to try the game with each and every class. We know that everybody doesn’t have the time that we do to devote to games like this, but we’d suggest putting aside your Titan or Hunter Master Race t-shirts and giving one of the other classes a try. The Taken King added additional subclasses to the game, which really changes how all three of the available Guardian types work. If you’ve been holding out on one character all this time, break up the monotony and try something new. You just might fall in love with one of the other classes.

These are just five of the coolest things you should try to do before Rise of Iron releases on September 20. Whether you’re a new Destiny player, or you’ve been around since the beginning, there are still plenty of things to help keep you occupied as Rise of Iron looms closer. We’ll be covering Destiny extensively in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on our site for more tips, tricks, guides, and walkthroughs.

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