Destiny: The Taken King – Beat Kagoor, Court of Oryx Tier 3 Public Event

Defeat the Servile Ogre and other foes, then put away Kagoor for good.

If you’ve been playing Destiny: The Taken King, you’ll eventually come across Kagoor and the Servile Ogre. Thankfully we have all the tips and strategies you need to defeat both enemies with relative ease. Kagoor is one of the alternating bosses you’ll face on a weekly bases during the Tier 3 Court of Oryx Public Event. You may be worried about Kagoor, but his Ogres are the real problem. 

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To properly prepare for the Tier 3 Court of Oryx Event, you should have a Light Level of at least 300. When the fight begins, Kagoor spawns in the middle of the platform with a huge Servile Ogre in close proximity. You’ll also see a group of Maleficent Eyes and regular Ogres that also have a knack for dishing out damage in the lower level of the arena. Finally, you’ll see a few Devoured Shadows that can be tenacious throughout the fight, so make sure you take them out as well. 

It’s important to note Kagoor is immune to damage until the Servile Ogre is defeated. The Servile Ogre also withstands a large amount of damage, so you need the correct buff to efficiently take it out in a timely manner. Finishing off the Maleficent Eyes grants you an Ogre’s Fury buff that increases your damage output per stack (for up to three stacks) when fighting against Ogres, and lasts for approximately 10-15 seconds. It’s an individual buff, so once you have it, deal as much damage as you can to the Servile Ogre and lesser Ogres before the buff runs out. 

Stay behind cover of the large rocks on either side of the arena to avoid the Ogre’s attacks. Focus on the regular Ogres first because they’re much easier for your team to take out while you’re dealing with the boss. Once they’re down, a couple members of your fire team will get the Ogre’s Fury buff from the Maleficent Eyes. These fire team members should focus on the Servile Ogre, renewing the buff from more Eyes if need be. Blast the Servile Ogre with a volley of bullets while the buff is active to take him out as quickly as possible. You should not use your super ability yet because you’ll want to save it for the boss. 

When the Servile Ogre goes down, Kagoor’s shield will drop. This makes Kagoor vulnerable to damage for a short time. There’s a very short window in which you can deal damage to Kagoor, so make sure all of your teammates use their supercharged abilities to deal as much damage to Kagoor as possible before the shield is back up. Once Kagoor’s shield is back, another Servile Ogre spawns. However, when this happens, you probably won’t have enough time to repeat the process a second time, and your team will likely fail the event. The goal here is to deal a ton of damage to Kagoor while he’s vulnerable so you can quickly eliminate the Taken Wizard. 

Once Kagoor and the Servile Ogre minion are both down, your team can access the chest that spawns on the center platform. It should be noted that the player who activated the Tier 3 rune for the event receives more valuable loot from the chest. This includes the chance to earn Calcified Fragment 49. 

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