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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Get a 320 Iron Gjallarhorn and a Free Exotic Shard

by Prima Games Staff

Players who preordered Destiny: Rise of Iron have received a special package in the Postmaster that contains the Iron Gjallerwing and the Iron Gjallarhorn. These special edition items are only available to preorder players, and the Iron Gjallarhorn is only available with a rating of 3 Defense. This would typically mean that you would have to infuse other weapons into your Iron Gjallarhorn in order to get it up to a higher Defense statistic. This article will show you how to bypass all that and get yourself an Iron Gjallarhorn that is already 320 Defense. On top of that, you’ll also gain a free Exotic Shard.

Complete the Gjallarhorn Exotic Quest

This step is extremely straightforward, and we’ll actually have a more in-depth guide coming for it in the near future. Until you complete the Gjallarhorn Exotic Questline, which culminates in Lord Saladin giving you the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher, you won’t be able to use or equip your Iron Gjallarhorn. Complete this step and then move on to the next step, which we’ve listed below.

Level Up your Gjallarhorn

The second thing you’ll need to do is level up your Iron Gjallarhorn. This can be accomplished very easily. First, purchase a Rocket Launcher or Heavy Weapon Telemetry from the Gunsmith or any other Vendor that sales one. Then, while the Iron Gjallarhorn is equipped, use six Motes of Light. Now check to see if your Gjallarhorn is leveled up completely. If it is not leveled up completely, then re-open your inventory and use an addition 1 to 2 Motes of Light. This should level it up completely. Once you have leveled the Iron Gjallarhorn up all the way, do not upgrade it. Instead, dismantle it to receive two Exotic Shards.

Purchase the Iron Gjallarhorn from the Exotic Weapon Kiosk

With your 3 Defense Iron Gjallarhorn dismantled, and two addition Exotic Shards in your pocket, head back to The Tower and make your way to the large room where all the Vanguard leaders hang out. Locate the Exotic Weapons Kiosk, and then interact with it to open up your stores. What you’ll want to do here is purchase the Iron Gjallarhorn for one Exotic Shard and 2,500 Glimmer. This will reward you with a 320 Defense Iron Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher. Now that you’re ready to take on the Devil Splicers with your new Gjallarhorn, why not head back over to our Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough, where you can find more guides and tips just like this one.

If you follow the steps we’ve listed above you’ll not only receive an Iron Gjallarhorn that is several hundred times more powerful than the one you started with, but you’ll also have an extra Exotic Shard sitting around to use in the upgrade process. We’ll be covering plenty more Destiny: Rise of Iron content over the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned in on Prima Games for all the best walkthroughs, guides, and tips for the latest expansion pack to hit Bungies hit shoot and loot FPS.

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