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Destiny: Rise of Iron – All Khvostov Weapon Part Locations

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny: Rise of Iron is finally out, which means it is time to start diving into all the new content and start gathering up all the new weapons in the expansion pack. One particular weapon that many fans are excited about is the Khvostov 7G-0X, an Exotic version of the Guardian’s first weapon in Destiny. In this article we will talk you through all the locations of each Khvostov Weapon Part, so that you can complete your Khvostov 7G Schematic, and score yourself a new Exotic Assault Rifle.

Get the Schematic

We’ve already covered a lot of the details for this weapon in our guide to finding the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic Assault Rifle. But, just in case you haven’t already started up the We Found a Rifle quest, head on over to our other article for details to help you get the ball rolling. We’re not going to spend a whole lot of time on this subject, because that’s not why you’re here. You’re here so you can find all the Khvostov Weapon Parts. Keep reading for details, images, and locations.

Khvostov Weapon Part Locations

There are three separate Khvostov Weapon Parts that you must find and obtain before you can complete the We Found a Rifle quest and earn yourself an Exotic Khvostov. To find these items you’ll need to complete the Destiny: Rise of Iron campaign until after you unlock the Patrol the Plaguelands node on Earth. Once you have unlocked this new area, head there using the Director, and then make your way back through the Foundry and into the Cosmodrome.

The first weapon part on our list can be found inside the Refinery. This is the large building that you pass through on your way to take down Sepiks Prime (or Sepiks Perfected) in The Devil’s Lair strike from Destiny Year 1. Make your way through the building until you pass into a snowy area with some Fallen Devil Splicers, then look to the right to find this Khvostov Weapon Part in the corner.

The next Khvostov Weapon Part can be found by making your way through the Refinery and into The Blast, the area where you have to face the Fallen Walker when you go to take on Sepiks Prime. Jump onto the building in the center of the area and then drop down onto the mangled walkway on the opposite side to find this collectible beside a barrel.

To find the final Khvostov Weapon Part, make your way back through the Cosmodrome and into Dock 13, where you fight your first boss in Destiny Year 1. This is also the room where you find your first ship in the very beginning of the Destiny story. Once here, move through the area (coming from the Plaguelands), and look for this Weapon Part under the tall set of stairs leading back towards the Cosmodrome spawn.

Following this guide will allow you to easily and quickly find all the Khvostov Weapon Parts hidden throughout Old Russia. Once you’ve found those parts, continue the quest using our Khvostov Exotic Rifle guide, which we linked to above. We’ll be covering all the nooks and crannies of the new Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion over the coming days, so stay tuned for in-depth coverage including guides, walkthroughs, and tips.

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