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Destiny – New Loot Farming Location, Infinite Chests and Spirit Blooms

by Prima Games Staff

How to find all the gold chests in Destiny. Want more? How to find all 62 Dead Ghosts.

As fast as Bungie can Patch the Loot Farming Cave on Earth, players in the Destiny universe can find the next best thing, and that’s exactly what RumoPlays (that’s us) and Bug_Will have done. While we can’t say for sure that we’re the first to stumble upon it, we have yet to see a video or article pointing out this particular area or activity.

The big difference between this latest spot and the cave on Earth is that you won’t find nearly as many Engrams, but you can farm endless amounts of Spirit Blooms and regular Chests. While Spirit Blooms can be used to upgrade Weapons and Armor, or even sold around the Tower to increase your Reputation with one of the Factions, Chests, on the other hand, typically contain Glimmer, Weapons, Armor, Engrams and yes, even Spirit Blooms.

In order to participate in this latest farming event, players need to head out to the Patrol mission on Venus, then make their way to the Ishtar Commons. It’s there that they’ll discover a never ending battle between the Vex and the Fallen. Gamers should Feel free to interrupt their fight, killing anyone and everyone, then moving around the courtyard looking for Spirit Blooms before checking the small, dark rooms along the outer walls for Chests. When the Vex and Fallen respawn, Guardians should get back to killing them for a few moments, then repeat the process all over again. After doing this for about a half an hour we were able to open dozens of Chests and collect more than 75 Spirit Blooms.

Players might also be interested to know that there are two dead Ghosts in this area, one on the awning of one of the buildings, and the other on the floor of a dark elevator near the edge of the courtyard. Guardians can also accept some of the Patrol missions in the area if they want to increase their Reputation with one of the Factions.

Have you found any new farming locations in Destiny? Let us know in the comments.

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