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Destiny Multiplayer Guide: Tips and Tricks – The Crucible

by Prima Games Staff

How to find every Gold Chest in Destiny.

Bungie weapon loadouts for the HunterWarlock and Titan classes.

Unlike many first person shooters, Activision and Bungie’s Destiny lets gamers play as the same character throughout the entire experience. The customized explorer (be it Hunter, Titan or Warlock) is the same for story mode, Strikes and The Crucible, the latter of which contains the competitive multiplayer modes. This also means that players will take acquired gear, armor and weapons into the fight.

Of course, having the best loot won’t necessarily transform a person into a multiplayer god. He or she still needs to grasp the basic concepts of each mode. With this in mind, here are some basic tips and tricks to surviving The Crucible, from Bungie’s Destiny guide for Newsweek. 

Control (six-versus-six)

As the title implies, Control is exactly that. The goal is to capture and hold one to three zones labeled A, B and C, whereupon which you stand to receive additional points for each kill. It breaks down as follows: 

  • Capture and hold one zone to score 50 bonus points per kill.
  • Capture an hold two zones to score 100 bonus points per kill.
  • Capture and hold all three zones to score 200 bonus points per kill. 

Your first thought may involve grabbing all three zones, and we don’t blame you for thinking big. At the same time, holding all three will spread your six-person team thin. Instead, it’s a better idea to capture and hold two zones, since doing that still means scoring more points than the other side. 

Obviously, it’s in your best interest to hold at least one zone. Better to have one than none.

Clash (six-versus-six) 

This is essentially good old-fashioned team deathmatch. You won’t receive bonus points like you do in Control, but we suggest learning each map and holding down critical points, particularly when it comes to ammo crates. Bungie placed these in deliberate spots, and reaching one results in every teammate within earshot getting heavy ammo. It’s a great way to power up and gain a huge advantage over the enemy. 

Rumble (six players)

Time for some deathmatch! In Rumble, there are no teams and you certainly don’t have to worry about anyone’s well-being. Instead, put them on the receiving end of your shotgun, sniper rifle or weapon of choice.  

Whatever you do, don’t put yourself in the middle of a firefight. Find a relatively safe location and let other players whittle away their health. Then move in for the single, double or triple kill; maybe more. 

Bungie suggests choosing the second Titan subclass and activating the Ward of Dawn, a feature that creates a mobile base of sorts. Head to an ammo crate, flip the switch on Ward of Dawn and use it as protection while picking up the heavy ammo. 

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Skirmish (three-versus-three) 

We can see Skirmish becoming a huge favorite, despite the smaller number of players. It’s team deathmatch, but you have the option of instantly resurrecting a fallen teammate or choosing to let him or her respawn someplace else. Even better, you get 50 bonus points for resurrecting someone, in addition to a temporary armor boost for both players. 

Should you always resurrect? It’s a tough decision to make because Skirmish is a numbers game, and you want a team of three at all times. If your threesome sees a resurrection in progress, you can hang back and then rush the opposition for the double or even triple kill. If you’re the last line of defense, you need to kill the person going for the resurrection to avoid dealing with two enemies instead of one. Decisions!

Salvage (three-versus-three) 

Here we have objective based team deathmatch. Kill opposing players, yes, but you also want to seek out relics and transport them back to your ship for bonus points. Once you find a relic, you must set up a probe (100 points) to activate the transmission. Do this successfully and you score 200 points per gamer. Conversely, preventing someone from capturing a relic results in 150 points per gamer. The match ends when time expires or one team reaches 10,000 points. 

While attempting to transmit a relic to your ship, don’t stand right next to it. Instead, spread your team out and wait for the other squad to appear. They’ll head straight for the relic and you should be able to take them out with ease.

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