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Destiny – Hunter Class Guide

by Prima Games Staff

As we near the one year mark of Destiny, Guardians around the globe are starting to get a handle on what class load outs work for each particular activity. What dominates in PvP might be completely different from what works well in the Vault of Glass, or the Prison of Elders.

Today, we wanted to go over some of our favorite configurations, as well as tell you what we use them for. With any luck, they’ll serve you as well as they have served us. Let’s start off by taking a look at one of our favorites, the Hunter.

Hunter – Bladedancer

This is our go to Class and Subclass right now, and it has everything to do with the Prison of Elders, one of the primary places to get Etheric Light. With the Bladedancer, we have configured our Subclass to allow us to go invisible in three different ways. This comes in handy if we need to dismantle mines, revive downed teammates safely, or just keep things going as the Last Guardian Standing.

  • Grenade: Any
  • Double Jump: Higher Jump
  • Arc Blade: Vanish
  • Blink Strike: Escape Artist
  • Tier I: Path Forgotten
  • Ability Modifier: Shadowjack
  • Tier II: Way of the Drifter
  • Ability Modifier: Stalker

This design is about completing objectives, staying alive, and getting from one point to another without being detected. By crouching, using Blink Strike, or pressing R2/Right Bumper while your Arc Blade Super Ability is active, you can go invisible. You can even string them together. More times than we can count this has allowed us to revive two fallen teammates, sneak in and dismantle mines, or just hide from the enemy while we regenerate health. If you’re having a problem staying alive in the Prison of Elders (or any other activity) give this configuration a shot.

Hunter – Gunslinger

Our Gunslinger Subclass has started to fall out of our favor a little bit, but it’s still very useful in the right circumstances. For example, if you need high damage output, the Golden Gun is going to give you that. Where our Bladedancer is configured for stealth, our Gunslinger is configured to hurt our enemies very badly and as often as possible.

  • Grenade: Incendiary Grenade
  • Double Jump: Triple Jump
  • Golden Gun: Gunfighter
  • Throwing Knife: Incendiary Blade
  • Tier I: Path Unknown
  • Ability Modifier: Keyhole
  • Tier 2: Way of the Fearless
  • Ability Modifier: Over the Horizon

This configuration is capable of doing some serious damage, and we have used our passive options to focus on Armor and Recovery. This means you don’t get the stealth of the Bladedancer, but you can hang in there and take more damage. This is our favorite Subclass when we’re completing some of the Queen’s Wrath Bounties that are given out by Petra Venj. Some of these Wolves can take a beating, and this is the Subclass where we like to deliver just that. Our Incendiary Grenade will damage over time, as will our Throwing Knife. We’ve also got the Golden Gun cool down reduced, and it is more effective with Over the Horizon.

While these work for us, you might want to tweak each one for your play style. We’re by no means saying they are the best, but this is what works for us. If you prefer a different Grenade, go for it. If you’d rather focus your training on something else, no problem. Take our suggestions as a starting point, and then work with them to create your ideal Subclass.

No matter what you’re trying to do, we can help. Visit our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide for everything you need.

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