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Destiny – How to Find the Cloak of Taniks

by Prima Games Staff

This guide covers how to find the Cloak of Taniks in Destiny. The Cloak of Taniks is a strike specific Legendary Hunter Cloak which can only be equipped by Hunters. It requires a minimum level of 40 to equip, and is considered a Tier 5 piece of armor. In order to acquire this item, players must complete the Shadow thief strike in the Taken King expansion. This item has a small chance to be dropped by the boss, Taniks, at the end of the strike.

The Shadow Thief strike is a new strike that released with the Taken King expansion pack that hit Destiny back in September of 2015. It is technically the start of Destiny Year 2, and is one of many strikes which can reward players with strike specific gear and weapons. Sadly there isn’t really any “good’ ways to farm for this item, which means you’re going to need to make your way through the strike regularly. However, completing the strike in the Heroic Vanguard playlist can up your changes of the loot dropping, as many players have reported higher drop rates for strike specific items compared to running it on the strike’s normal difficulty.

To acquire the Cloak of Taniks, you will need to make your way through the strike’s various portions until you reach the boss arena at the end. From here you will want to focus most of your attack power on the boss, Taniks. However, you should also always be aware of the other enemies around you. When you enter the boss arena, Taniks should already be at around half health, having lost a good portion of his HP during your fight to this room.

Continue battling with Taniks until you manage to take his health all the way down, effectively killing him. This will end the strike, and the Cloak of Taniks will drop from his body, if you managed to grab it this time around. If you do not manage to grab it, you can back out of the strike by heading back to Orbit, where you can relaunch the mission and continue through it until the end. Sadly, this is the only way to really acquire the item, as any possible ways of cheesing it have been patched out since the Taken King’s release last September.

This is the only way to get the Cloak of Taniks, a class-specific cloak which can only be worn by Hunters. To acquire it you must kill Taniks in the Shadow Thief strike, which can be completed in the normal or Heroic difficulty level. This item is a strike-specific item that can only be obtained from this particular strike. We will be covering Destiny extensively in the weeks to come, so be sure to stay tuned for additional guides, walkthroughs, and tips as we head into Rise of Iron on September 20.

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