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Destiny: The Dark Below – Tips for Completing The Undying Mind Strike

by Prima Games Staff

Guardians around the universe are jumping for joy, but none more so than those who own Destiny on the PS3 and PS4. While The Dark Below — the game’s first expansion — will give players on all platforms a bump in content, it’s the PlayStation owners who will be able to enjoy an exclusive Strike called The Undying Mind, as well as a crazy looking four barreled shotgun known as The 4th Horseman.

We here at Prima Games have full intentions on covering all of the newly released content in The Dark Below, but since we opted to play the game on the PS4, we just couldn’t help but to fire up the PlayStation exclusive content at our first opportunity. With our notepad in hand and controller fully charged, we set out to slay the Vex and defeat The Undying Mind. Here are a few things you might want to jot down before going after this formidable foe yourself.

Remember the Titans

All classes and subclasses of Guardians have their strengths and weaknesses, but for this particular Strike we found huge value with the Titan, and more specifically the Defender subclass. This setup allows for use of the Ward of Dawn, a Super Ability that shapes Void Light into an indestructible shield that will protect you and the rest of your fireteam. It does have a four-minute recharge, but when you get to the final battle against The Undying Mind, this asset can be the difference between success and failure.

Don’t Bunch Up

It should probably go without saying, but try not to bunch up with the other two members of your fireteam. You don’t want to be so far away from each other that you can respond to calls for assistance, but by not standing shoulder-to-shoulder you’ll force your enemies to focus their attention in three different directions. We’d even go so far as advising that you spread out in a u-shaped formation, something that will give at least one of your teammates an angle that bypasses the shields of any Hydra you might come across, as well as The Undying Mind itself.

Exploit Weaknesses

Many of the Vex enemies have light on their bodies and heads that indicate a weak point, something that you should always be looking to exploit. This makes weapons like the Sniper Rifle effective when you can engage at a distance, but just about any gun will suffice if you hit the right spot. While they can be taken down with damage to other parts of their body, it’s almost not worth the ammunition unless you can hit them where it counts.

Bring Void Damage

It’s also important to note that Vex enemies are typically vulnerable to Void damage, and weapons that use this will help to take down their shields, with the exception of the Hydra and The Undying Mind – their shields are impregnable, which is why we advised setting up your fireteam in a way that gives you angles past their defenses.

The only Vex foes that aren’t susceptible to Void damage is the Harpy, a pesky little foe that instead can be taken out effectively with Arc damage. Remember that you can swap your weapons in-game, so bring Void damage to start, then quickly swap it out if you come across a batch of Harpy scumbags.

The Undying Mind

Expect a tough fight when you reach the end of this Strike, as The Undying Mind is basically a beefed up Hydra that moves the length of the battlefield. As you put fire on this foe, taking specific aim at the spot of light on its head, it will turn to face the Guardian threatening it. It’s for this reason that spreading out is important, as there should always be one member of your fireteam who can hit this fool where it hurts.

We’d also advise that you recognize the dirty tactics of The Undying Mind, who constantly sends a hoard of Goblins and Minotaurs after you and your pals. The point of these Goblins is to distract you, and that is absolutely the last thing you want to have happen. Yes, you need to kill them before they kill you, but the fight will only get harder as you turn your focus away from The Undying Mind and towards them. Try to find a balance where you are keeping the Goblins out of your way, but always look for opportunities to damage the Undying Mind, eventually taking it out and completing the Strike.

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