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Destiny 2 – Where to Farm Servitors

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re playing Destiny 2 right now, then you’re probably already knee deep trying to collect all the goods you need for your latest daily Gift Schematic. If you happen to get the Lord Shaxx schematic, then you’re going to need to farm yourself some Servitors. Unfortunately, these enemies can be quite scarce, and to help ease your troubles we’ve put together this handy article which will show you where to farm Servitors in Destiny 2, as well as the quickest way to farm Servitors in the game.

Where to Farm Servitors

If you’re just looking to enjoy the beauty of Destiny 2 while farming, then there are several ways that this can play out. The first, obviously, is going to be to play through Adventures or Quests that have the Fallen involved. Normally these will end with at least one Servitor spawning, and you’ll be able to score a kill while also knocking out Adventures along the way.

Of course, if you want to speed things up a little, you can make your way around the EDZ (European Dead Zone) in search of Fallen-based public events. Many of these will also spawn Servitors for you to kill, so make use of those events if you want to score yourself some loot while also farming for these enemies.

Altogether the EDZ is one of the best places to find Servitors because it has the highest concentration of Fallen out of any planet currently in Destiny 2. But, what if you want to knock this objective out as quickly as possible? That’s where the next section of our guide comes in handy.

How to Farm Servitors Quickly

If you want to speed things up and knock out the Servitor kills quickly, then there is one other option that far outweighs the others. Open up your Directory, and make your way over to the Exodus Black landing point on Nessus.

Once here, look out off the cliff that you spawn on, to take note of a small cave opening across the area. Head over to this cave to find a Lost Sector.

Follow the path to the Lost Sector down until you reach a large open area, where you should spot a few Dregs and a Servitor.

Take the Servitor out and then kill the rest of the enemies here. Now, you have two options from here. You can either complete the Lost Sector and score some loot, or you can Fast Travel back to the Exodus Black landing area and repeat the process. Altogether it took us around 7-10 minutes to complete the Servitor kill objective, though the time may increase or decrease for you, due to game load times.

Now that you know where the farm Servitors, and how to farm them quickly, head back over to our Destiny 2 guide or take a look at our guide on how to farm Phaseglass for more help with the daily Gift Schematic quests.

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