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Destiny 2 Warlock Shadebinder: Everything You Need to Know

by Lucas White

New stuff is coming to Destiny 2. The significant kind of new stuff. In Beyond Light, the next major expansion to Bungie’s epic sci-fi shooter-slash-RPG, a whole new element is being introduced. In addition to the original three (Arc, Solar, Void), Stasis joins the fold to add a fourth static factor to combat. And with that new element comes a new subclass for each of the three primary classes. Bungie has pulled the sheet off one of them, fully introducing it and detailing how it works. So now, it’s time to introduce you, readers, to the Shadebinder.

Destiny 2 Warlock Shadebinder Guide

The Shadebinder is a new, Stasis-attuned subclass available to folks playing the Warlock class (if you’re new, that’s basically the “mage” of the game). Stasis is presented by Bungie as a “control” element, meaning that the three adjacent subclasses will have players thinking in terms of managing the actual real estate of a combat situation. This appears to translate to things like enemy debuffs, movement speed adjustment, area of effect skills, so on and so forth.

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It seems like the Shadebinder subclass takes the idea at its most literal, giving the player options that revolve around freezing enemies. And once enemies are in that frozen state, the Shadebinder will have a separate selection of options to follow and interact with that status effect. Using a staff that’s made of Stasis, Shadebinders can use Penumbral Blast to fire a freezing projectile at enemies. Super ability Winter’s Wrath can do that on a much larger scale as well. Once enemies are frozen, Shadebinders can then use the Shatter Shockwave skill to “disintegrate” any nearby, frozen enemy.

In addition to the subclass customization options you may be used to in Destiny 2, Beyond Light is adding two new forms of customization in Aspects and Fragments. Aspects are class-specific equipment that provide new abilities and other effects, while Fragments are items not locked by class, which can be attached to Aspects to modify them further. With smart combinations of Aspects and fragments, Shadebinders can add more opportunities to freeze and punish enemies, almost like extending a chain reaction.

That’s all for now! But Bungie will release information on the other new subclasses soon. Later this week, in fact! Beyond Light is set to launch on November 10, 2020, which will also see the content vault introduced. So if you’re a newer player still catching up on the story, that’s your deadline. What do you think about bungie adding a new element into the Destiny 2 mix? What do our Warlock players think about the new subclass? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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