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Destiny 2 Titan Guide: How To Use The Space Tank

by John Cooper

Now that Destiny 2 is going free-to-play in September; you might be thinking about hopping in for the first time. Well, thanks to all of the updates, tweaks, and expansions, the game is the best it’s ever been. 

The only real issue is trying to figure out which class you want to be and why. It is for this reason that we’ve put together this small collection of class guides. If you’re going to be a Hunter or a Warlock, then you can have a read of those guides, but this is the Destiny 2 Titan guide for those who aspire to be unbreakable. 

Destiny 2 Titan Guide

Titan’s value defense above all else. Their ability to take damage is unrivaled by the other classes, and they can even help protect their teammates. When you throw in a surprisingly versatile set of mobility options, you end up with an unstoppable force. 

The unique ability of the Titan allows you to deploy a barricade. This ability is particularly interesting as you can either use it to make an enormous damage blocking shield or create a smaller shield that reloads your weapons. This level of protection really helps in a lot of boss encounters. 

Titan Sentinel 

The Sentinel lets you become Captain America. Your Super Move creates a shield out of thin air that can be used to attack enemies from afar and also held up in front of you to deflect attacks. 

If you’re using the Forsaken variant, then you’ll be able to generate a huge barrier that will stop enemy fire while allowing all friendly fire to pass through it. 

Titan Striker

As a Striker, you’ll gain the ability to take on the hordes of enemies with no issue. Your Super Move allows you to either smash the ground to take out a group of enemies or shoulder charge through a single target. Its versatility makes it useful for most occasions. 

The Forsaken variant allows you to generate a ball of arc energy and then slam it into the ground. 

Titan Sunbreaker 

The Sunbreaker is perhaps one of the most offensively focussed classes in the game. Your Super Move magics up a flaming hammer which you can throw at enemies to deal damage. 

With Forsaken you can choose to utilize a different Super Move that summons a melee focussed hammer instead.  

That’s our Destiny 2 Titan guide. Now that you know more about this class, you should have a look at our Destiny 2 Hub to see our other guides. Make sure to follow Prima Games on Twitter too, that way you’ll never miss any of the great work we are doing.